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  1. mesamommy
    08-24-2012 11:18 AM - permalink

    I was with ViSalus and just quit yes I did make money back but the sucralose in the shake was making some of my customers sick ( gassy stomache pain ect.) I felt bad selling this to my close friends and ending up with these results, when they asked questions in the customer group my team had ,people bashed them ect. I myself had to quit the product as a breast cancer survivor my did told me not to use it & go back to Isagenix. Yes they all will say were making money ect they are trained that way by the leaders. I personally did not feel good about lying to other s to make a buck, meaning I can't guarantee this will help you lose weight & make money I had over 27 customers in 3 months but nobody got kit free because they good never get 3 to stay on it.I am not trying to recruit you , just giving my 2 cents worth Also if you dont maintain your level monthly you will be locked in for that BMW payment out of your own pocket !!