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turquoiseowl 09-19-2016 08:00 AM

"Opportunities are not lost... they just go to other people...
I've read something like this before, I am not sure of the wording of it, but you get the idea. The first time I read this I didn't quite get it, but last week I realized something...

I joined Le-Vel over a year ago (you know, because it was free), then did nothing with it (you know, because it was free), and I honestly thought I could never sell something I thought it was too expensive -for me- .. Anyway, last week a Facebook friend invited me to take a look to her new business and she sent me a link to her Le-Vel site, I politely declined, saying: "oh, thanks, but I already have an account"

That made me curious enough to go back and login to my cloud office and see all the new products, and all the new stories, then I went to my sponsor's FB profile... when I met her, she was just getting on a plane to Cabo San Lucas... now it turns out she's been driving a car paid by Le-Vel for over 7 months!

This was enough for me to understand that I HAVE this opportunity and I can be THE ONE sharing it with others and building a strong business. I need to take action, so I contacted my sponsor, and we're having call later today!

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