How do you stay organized?

  • Between people who have inquired about Thrive, people who are sampling, people who have free accounts but no orders, new customers, new promoters, team members trying to hit ranks, etc, there can be a lot to keep track of and a lot of followups to remember.

    So how do yall keep things organized and what planner or system do you use?
  • Soon, I don't think we will need anything other than our CCT... BUT right now without CCT I use fort knox in a box. Just a small index card box, and file system. You can youtube "Fort Knox In a Box" if you aren't sure what I mean.
  • I love the idea of "Fort Knox In A Box". It's like "43 folders" but with index cards. And portable too - just grab the cards for that day and carry them for business on the go. Thank you!
  • How do you stay organized?
    I love using index cards. It helps me to keep up with specific info about my prospects. Alot of people in this business use them too.

    Do yall advertise on the net?

  • Excellent post Thrivewright! A BIG calendar and index cards! Every month gets busier and busier...but that's a VERY good thing, right?!? Oh...and post it's. I now have stock in post it notes.
  • Word Document
    I made two word documents that help me track everything and I love them!!!
  • Index Card box here too! Tabs 1-31 for the date.