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  • I just started a Kitsy Lane Boutique last month. Has anyone had real success with it? Just wondering
  • I'm with Kitsy Lane. I do get a check every month and I do most of my marketing online. I don't do Facebook, but I do advertise and guest post on relevant blogs.

    As jan8022 said, you have to learn to rely on yourself, especially with a free opportunity. Many are going to sign up under you in hopes of an instant income. Very few will ever go on to make a sale. Take advantage of the business kits and marketing supplies they offer. They also have a forum with great information.
  • Kitsy Lane Boutique owner here!!
    Hello I found this by doing some random search about Kitsy Lane. I do not expect to get rich quick, but have ran into a lot of negativity from ppl online and with reviews through search. It does make it hard to stay positive. As with most businesses, it takes time to start making money or seeing the ROI. I do the fb, twitter, hi5/tagged, pinterest, and try to maintain them all, it is hard to get ppl to like on fb. Not to mention some of the other owners, do not give you the time of day. I also agree with the person that mentioned about relying on yourself. Do you think if they see some of your own items, maybe they would be motivated to do for themselves? It does help you and them, at least you would think so.

    Has anyone had any issues with any of the items purchased, or returns, contacting someone with issues? I have not, these are some of the issues I have been finding online, so was wondering.
  • I joined this Facebook Group awhile back and it has been a game-changer to see how the other girls are marketing their businesses and how involved they are in their own success. It's definitely a motivator. It's also great for staying "in the know" about the sales tools coming down the Kitsy pipeline.