Signing Up..soo..

  • Ok, so I have decided that I am going to sign up with Jamberry nails...but it will be a few days until I get my tax return and I have the money ( like Tuesday or Wednesday) I am excited to get the word out! Can I make up some postcards and get them sent out before I join..or do I need to have them approved by Jamberry compliance ?(the only reason I ask is because I am a Scentsy consultant as well and we need to get approval for anything that we make that is not ordered through Scentsy). Or can I do it once I sign up or do I need to wait till I get my startup kit?
  • Most things do have to be approved (websites, Facebook fanpages, etc) but if you made a "coming soon" type post card for your friends & family, I really don't see there being an issue. My advice would be to save your money (on postcards and shipping) until you are absolutely positive of your website name and url, FB fanpage, etc. Who knows, someone COULD sign up right before you and take the names that you wanted (chances are slim, but do exist). In the meantime, you could announce that you are joining on your personal Facebook page, e-mail your friends and make some phone calls! It sounds like you are going to be a great consultant; you have a lot of excitment about Jamberry Nails!! Please ask us if you have any more questions!
  • AWESOME! Thanks so much..looking forward to connecting with all of you!