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  • Hi ... my name is MaryJayne. I spent 30 years in the advertising agency business. I'm semi-retired. I'd like to do some part-time work from home.

    I was contacted by this Co. Do you know if it is a reputable firm? Thank you in advance for your advice. If this Co. is a scam > do you know of another reputable part-time at-home position?


    American Consumer PanelsŪ


    This is a part-time position paid hourly between $25/hr. and $45/hr. We guarantee 15-20 hours per week (around your schedule). If you qualify to become an In-Home Usage Tester, are you committed to dedicate 15 to 20 hours per week to perform this activity?
  • Hi MaryJayne

    Welcome to the forum.
  • Welcome aboard! They have alot of complaints on glassdoor. I would definitely stay away.

    There are some jobs listed in the telecommuter forum.
  • Welcome to the forum Mary Jayne!

    That's awesome! Have you ever thought about becoming a WAH bookkeeper?


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