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Old 01-11-2018, 11:18 AM
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I have but I don't consider myself knowledgeable enough in the subject to do that. It'll come to me.

Yesterday I spent some time getting caught up with my "finances" (I think I said that before). It didn't take me to long to get out of bed this morning as it usually does and here I am waking up to the forum, eating breakfast and being semi social with friends on Facebook. My son went potty on the toilet yesterday for the second time ever. Things are going pretty good.

I did spend sometime thinking about my blogs. Talked to a few other people about them outside of the forums. I am going to do a wedding type website with planning advice and product suggestions. Helping people plan their weddings has been something I've done since my senior year in high school (2003). So I just need to dust some dust and polish off some surface rust and I'll be good to go. Plus it is something I'm going to school for (Penn Foster) to do as a hobby business on the side so it serves a dual purpose.

I want to do a blog/site about real estate and real estate investing. Wanting to get my broker's license I feel this will help me stay on track with that goal in my life, plus help me get local business if someone is looking for a real estate agent. I also noticed that in this forum the real estate category is pretty quiet. Honestly that doesn't surprise me. It's an industry that is great for passive income but no one ever talks about it because it's like a taboo secret. At least that's how I've felt talking to people. You have to pay big bucks (couple hundred up to a couple thousand) to get into programs where you an learn the in and outs of it but yet if you call any college and tell them that's what you want to do for your career, there's no classes that will help you but basic financing. So, I think that's another thing I'll be focusing on.

That's about as far as I've gotten. One of the largest blogs for rabbit genetics was taken down, I'm assuming for not paying for the hosting of the site. I've considered making something for my farm and something that's inspirational. Just worried I'll spread myself to thin and end up with a bunch of half done projects. Niche websites don't normally have blogs do they? From what I've read it sounds like they do but I'm not so sure.
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Old 01-13-2018, 08:32 AM
JoeSpirit's Avatar
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It does seem to me that you're thinking of spreading yourself too thin.

There's a disease in this business called information overload. You get so much stuff coming at you from so many different directions that you can't sort any of it out. The result (when a person lets info overload overwhelm him) is that you just give up and never get anything accomplished.

I recommend that you focus on one thing to start. Get that one thing running smooth and then you can add another subject/niche to your activities.

But the real important thing to do is just get started. If your working from a position of interest you'll likely surprise yourself as to how much you already know on the subject.

You say you've been doing wedding planning since 2003. That being the case you most likely have a wealth of stuff to write about in that niche. Start blogging about that. Along with the blog start working on a training course about wedding planning. That will eventually give you a digital product to market along with providing the planning service. Write a brochure about the subject to give away. That will draw traffic to your blog site. (Make sure you have a link to your site in the brochure.) After the training course is finished start working on another subject related product to add to your catalog.

That right there will keep you busy for a while. Get into profit with that niche and then think about the real estate thing if you want. Or start in the same way in real estate and add wedding planning later. One thing first - get it running smooth and profitable - then expand if you think you have the time and desire to do so.

But just get started.
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Old 06-09-2018, 08:55 PM
WAHM Regular
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Join Date: Jan 2018
Location: Western Washington
Posts: 17

6 month (almost) update.

Hey everyone it's been a long time. I didn't expect to spontaneously disappear but as things happen in life, sometimes you don't really get a choice.

To answer a question I saw somewhere in one of my three threads, no I never started my blog that I wanted to do. I haven't actually gotten a chance to "work from home" like I wanted to. My husband dropped from the pace class and got a job with a local concrete company. We moved into a friend of a families home and it hasn't been the best situation but it's manageable for now. When it comes to it, we have our own space with our own lives and it's been good for what it is, I can't really complain TO much right now. We've really just been dealing with a lot lately and this is the first time in a long time I sat down to think of the future.

I've developed anemia this time around with baby. No gestational diabetes so that's a plus but it's bad enough that sometimes I get to weak and almost fall asleep driving. This has limited my Uber/Lyft driving to about 2 days a week. Technically I should be working today but today has been really rough, so here I am typing to everyone here. I'm about 11 weeks left in this pregnancy and I won't lie, I'll be happy to get it over with.

Due to this though, I've been forced to reconsider staying home and working more. I'm about half way through my real estate classes for my broker exam, there are a couple independent companies nearby that will let me do the bulk of my work from home which will be nice when I get there. The issue comes still with the children and having someone to watch them. I just don't trust people. I started building a website on Wix where I will eventually put my blog among other things. I pondered word press and other blog hosting sites and while that made sense if all I wanted to do was blogging, I wanted more than that. I already use Wix for my rabbit/farm stuff. It just made sense to do it for my blog stuff.

But that's about where I am right now. Trying to recover from everything that's happened over the past few months. It doesn't feel like it should even be June right now.
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Old 06-10-2018, 09:32 AM
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Default My name is Ramon

Hello name is Ramon McCullough I'm new here to the forum. I'm a Affiliate Marketer and Coach. I love networking and meeting new people. I hope to get to know some of you.
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