Happy To Be Here

  • Hi Everybody,
    I am excited to be here and hope that I will meet some new friends.
    I am a stay at home Mom and I keep very busy with my life.
    I have a couple of jobs. One is to help business succeed with there online presence.
    I work with H2M Marketing Solutions. We help business to be found on Google, Websites, SEO, Customer Reward/Retention and Facebook etc.
    I have just started with Monat. I love this product and it has helped my hair so much that I decided to sell it.
    I have a busy church life and have a Face Book Ministry that is for Joy/Encouragement. It's called Joy Because Of Jesus, if you want to check it out.
    That's about it!
  • Welcome to WAHM Itís nice to meet you! Iím a wife and mom of three. Iíve worked from home off and on for several years and love it! If you have any questions please ask
  • Welcome blessedsc. Glad you could join us.

    Sounds like you keep pretty busy.
  • Welcome to the forum
  • Welcome to the Forum
  • Hi blessedsc and welcome.
  • Hello and welcome to you!
  • Hi and welcome,

    I might check out your Facebook Group.


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