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  • Hey Everyone,
    I just rejoined this site! I have decided I really want to focus on being a WAHM. Now that my kids are older I have more time during the day to do this. I recently became an independent Scentsy consultant and I am so excited to grow my business and learn from others on this site!

  • Hi Jenny, Welcome back to WAHM
  • Welcome Back!

  • Welcome back! Happy you are here!
  • Hi Jenny

    Welcome back.
  • Welcome back Jenny and welcome to Scentsy! I celebrated my 6th Scentiversary in August.
  • Congrats on re-joining! Working at home when the kids are in school or old enough to not need you every 3 1/2 seconds is fun and definitely can be VERY lucrative! Good Luck1
  • Welcome back! I came back after a long hiatus myself
  • Hello Jenny and welcome back to the forum!