Newbie forum member. Writer WAHM here. Who hoo!

  • I just wanted to introduce myself to the group. I usually hang out on the writer part of the forum as I am a freelance writer and author.

    I am a mom to six and I spend most of my days writing and using social media to publicize it. I was a WAHM for many years. My six kids have moved out so I am able to travel a bit and being a freelance content writer allows me to maintain my income.

    If anyone is on Twitter: @conniebrentford

    I hope to be more active on other parts of this great forum. If anyone has any questions about writing as a viable WAHM biz I'd be happy to chat.

    Glad to meet ya'!

  • Glad to meet you Connie.
  • Welcome we're delighted to have you here!
  • Welcome Connie great to meet you ~Amy
  • Welcome to the Forum

  • Welcome to the forum!!
  • welcome
    Hi there,
    Welcome, welcome, welcome..
    Enjoy your stay here..

    Have a great day!
  • I'm really happy to see you've joined us, Connie!
    Hope you'll soon become an active member here!


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