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PenFlavor 02-06-2015 05:56 AM

What Transaction Call TIMES Give You
Listening to calls on certain categories can be quite a challenge especially if you see the TIME it takes for the call to finish. By the way, time is set in SECONDS.

So, how significant is it?

Well, depending on the category you are currently in, knowing how long a call takes can have its benefits.

For Handled by: Service or Automotive Sales or Live Conversation - Inbound; having long calls may mean that it contains long wait times. This happens when clicking on anywhere on the slider the audio gives call on hold music.

For shorter call times, it may mean that the call was abandoned or client hung up.

There will be times when it takes the system to fully load the call. You will notice this happens when the slider turns from white to off white. Make sure that it has fully loaded the call before playing around on the slider.

How about you, what does the call time indicator tell you?

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