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Old 05-06-2015, 09:35 PM
inspired.robyn's Avatar
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Smile Re: social interaction

Originally Posted by babyfirst View Post
Does anyone worry about a lack of social interaction? I have been considering this for a long time, but don't want my girl to be socially awkward because of it.
This is why my daughter goes to school. She is an only child and mostly lives around adults so her school time is pretty much social time in my view.

I pondered the idea of home school, opted out so I could have the time for me and our daughter the time to be with other children.

I know you can join groups for play time when home schooling, but I also see the lessons and benefits of learning how other people are in a multi-faceted school classroom.

We have been selective on the school she goes to and quite happy with it. She seems happy to be there once over the initial first term tiredness and adjustment and funnily enough has made a handful of single-child friends in the process!

Her school is really multi-cultural too so she gets exposure to all colours and backgrounds. We have the united nations in our school, you can't quite simulate that at home unless you travel the world like one of the Moms on this thread does
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Old 05-07-2015, 09:38 AM
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Many homeschoolers I know are OUT of the home more than they are IN the home - so they are typically more able to relate to people of all ages! ;-) There is no other time in life where you are confined to be with only your same-age peers except for school, so it's actually a more recent and artificial way of schooling. For instance, the "old schoolhouses" were always a mix of various ages.

What I've also seen in the public school setting is a lack of positive social interaction with kids that are older with younger children - they "look down" on them. Homeschooling families with multiple children are constantly interacting with various aged children (and adults) and are used to helping them.

Since homeschooling has been around, there have been many studies which have shown that homeschoolers are well-adjusted, socially competent, more likely to be involved in the community, volunteering, politics, etc. I encourage you to read ANY book on homeschooling to get a bigger picture of what it's like.


Lori in NY
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Old 05-09-2015, 06:06 PM
nevada robin's Avatar
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Default re social interaction

To be honest, I don't worry about it much. We do activities outside homeschooling like scouting and sports, and if we finish schoolwork early enough, it leaves time to get out to play at the park, go to the river, go swimming . . . Or even just scootering or riding bikes around the neighborhood, they get a lot of time to play with each other and with children outside our family. If anything, I worry they don't get enough unstructured play or reading time to themselves! Hope that helps,
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Old 05-12-2015, 02:04 AM
Sushmapandey's Avatar
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Ahha interesting idea but school memories are unforgettable memories so i don't wanna miss that.
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Old 06-17-2015, 10:34 AM
theophilus balogun's Avatar
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well if you i think home schooling is good, but what happens to our social lives is what i always consider,i mean your dally experiences getting to meet people i think that should be broth into prospective.
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Old 06-19-2015, 12:58 PM
aunice1's Avatar
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As you can see by the messages here on the board, there are many advantages to teaching your own children. But, it's not a simple task and deserves a good deal of thought and some planning. The reason I say this is, if you are doing actual homeschooling (as opposed to public school at home online) you are making the decisions about everything. You choose the curriculum, course of study, documentation, content, everything. And that includes socialization as well. When you homeschool, you have a say and a choice about the kind and type of socialization experience your child will have. They are not confined to just the public school classroom, after-school activities and the playground with same aged peers.

An important point to remember about socialization is that you don't send your child to school to play and socialize. You send them there to learn. Most children inside of brick and mortar schools are very peer-dependent when compared to their homeschool counterparts. Traditionally schooled children are highly reliant on the social norms of the peer group as well as for their self-esteem and identity. It is important to foster healthy relationships with all people of varying ages, cultures and ethnicities in a variety of settings. This is just one of the primary reasons the homeschooled child excels in the college and work environment.

If you are looking for more specific facts, stats and research findings, look up The National Home Education Research Institute. They are very credible.

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Old 08-04-2015, 12:15 PM
jrcorbes's Avatar
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The Top 15 Benefits of Homeschooling
You get to...
  1. Control what your children learn and when they learn it.
  2. Show your children that learning is not boring, but exciting.
  3. Build intimate and meaningful relationships with your children.
  4. Tailor your teaching to fit your children's dominant learning styles.
  5. Give your children in-depth, personal attention in any subject with which they struggle or excel.
  6. Create a weekly schedule that fits your needs and allows you to do things without the constraint of a traditional classroom schedule.
  7. Transfer your values and beliefs to your children and address their questions when they have them.
  8. Protect your children from the negative influences they may encounter outside the home.
  9. Teach more effectively by interacting with your children 1-on-1.
  10. Nurture your children's natural (musical, artistic, mathematic) talents so they thrive and grow.
  11. Address "big issues" with your children when you feel they're ready.
  12. Share with your children the common, everyday joys of life.
  13. Help your children mature through the difficult times in their lives.
  14. Share the joy of teaching your children with your spouse.
  15. Take vacations during the school year and make them educational.
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Old 08-05-2015, 01:17 PM
Registered WAHM
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Originally Posted by whittenbergc View Post
What are the advantages of home schooling? What are the very best things about home schooling?
There are so many great benefits about homeschooling! There are tons of books/ websites with info & support. I'd also suggest finding some homeschooling groups / families in your community
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Old 08-30-2015, 09:49 PM
ElleHarries's Avatar
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There are a lot of benefits of Homeschooling. These advantages is from my point of view:
First and foremost, we can get to control what our children learn and when they learn it.
Moreover, I can build intimate and meaningful relationships with my children.
In addition, I can protect our children from the negative influences they may encounter outside the home.
Finally, I think teaching method by interacting with our children 1-on-1 is more effective.
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Old 10-02-2015, 02:33 AM
chandana008's Avatar
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There are some advantages like..

There is no travelling problem.
your child will be sit and learn in front of you only.
They can learn at any time.
But take care of child freedom also.
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