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Grapevine_Sales 09-22-2012 04:42 AM

Fundraising Mom?
Are you a fundraising Mom?

Tired of auctions?
Tired of bake sales?
Tired of working too much and earning too little?

What if I could show you a better way? Sure, you still need to work and get the kids or group members motivated but the end result is proving to be well worth it.

We will do everything needed from our end and provide you with the needed marketing materials to hold a successful fundraiser with no risk to you or your group!
We are currently looking to open in new markets across the US and are willing to open in your area.

We will launch a marketing campaign in your area to sign on 100's of businesses just so you can have that amazing fundraiser that could easily raise all of the funds your group needs for the entire year.....yes....the entire year.

Take a look at the following charts;


If you believe using our fundraising platform will greatly reduce your headaches and raise your revenues then please shoot me an email at..... [email protected]

And remember, we are still looking for reps........:}



ensafeindia 01-24-2019 05:52 AM

Biobags manufacturer in Chennai
Yes its raise your revenues too.

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