Why Don't Employers Respond After You Interview

  • This was such a hot topic on our blog, I had to bring it here to see what you all think.

    Why Employers Don't Respond After Job Interviews

    Have you experienced this? Does it bother you?
  • It has bothered me when I applied for past positions. I think people at least deserve a response. But in this economy, you might have have 200 people apply for 1 position and understaffed HR Departments have a hard time keeping up as it is. So they cut out duties where ever they can and sometimes a polite response or rejection goes by the wayside.
  • Getting a good job is not always an easy task. One has to pass through many situations and steps to find the fulfilling job. There may be many reasons why employers donít respond after a job interview. For example, it may be that they aren't interested, that they are still interviewing, the position that you applied for has been eliminated, and etc. Definitely don't take the lack of response personally, and continue your due diligence. You may continue to look for a different position while waiting. You can also reach out to the employer in a professional manner to check on your status. One of my friends was looking for physician jobs in Florida and suffered the same situation for a long time. Eventually though he got the position that he applied for as a physician assistant job.
  • I have experienced (and know many others who have experienced) this same frustration when job hunting. This was one of the top reasons why I decided to work from home. I realized in the amount of time I was spending applying online to jobs - without hearing anything back from an employer - that I could be doing paid online tasks instead. I started finding some little online gigs - fell in love with them - and became motivated to find more online work. Therefore, I don't miss dealing with rude employers.

    Here is my two cents on job hunting. Yes, employers typically get way more applicants than they could ever hire. Yes, many of their applicants aren't qualified for the job they apply for. However, if someone spends the time and effort to complete an hour long online application, someone from the company should take the time to politely respond with an email. The HR department could even setup an automated email to let people know they have been declined for the job.