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mommytotwo 04-10-2008 05:03 AM

Check in, stay accountable!

mommytotwo 04-10-2008 05:05 AM

The Firm's Total Body Time Crunch

If anyone else does the Firm workouts, I highly recommend this one. It is part of their TransFirmation series, so you just need weights. It's 40 minutes of cardio and toning intervals. The instructor is Rebecca, and she isn't as good as Ali or Allison Davis, she isn't bad. I like this workout a lot.

angienewton 04-10-2008 08:28 AM

35 min. Elliptical
60 min. Zumba class (first time, it was a lot of fun!)
60 stability ball crunches

Craftgrrl 04-10-2008 09:10 PM

Karate class - first 1/2 hour was full of cardio, crunches (about 60), pushups (about 45) and many, many fast hard punches and kicks. Whew!
Then the last 1/2 hour I had learned how to do the forward roll and so I was down on the ground, rolling over and over and over before doing a review of blocks. Damn, I need a nap now.

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