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Old 01-01-2009, 01:16 PM
FV Mom's Avatar
WAHM Addict
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Join Date: Dec 2006
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I thought it would be fun to post our 2009 fitness goals! Publicity equals accountability so what better way to hold yourself to your goals than to shout them from the roof tops (in a supportive environment of course...don't bother sharing your goals with the people who do nothing but tear you down[img]smileys/smiley5.gif[/img])?

Ok, I'll go first[img]smileys/smiley4.gif[/img]

Achieve 17% body fat by Apr 2009 OR what every body fat percentage and clothing size reflects a flat defined stomach (I call it a "soft six pack"[img]smileys/smiley4.gif[/img]) and high round booty like JLO[img]smileys/smiley10.gif[/img]

Win the Monthy MDB Game in Apr '09 and the quarterly contest in June of '09

Wear a Bikini (not in public lol, I just want to be ABLE to wear one[img]smileys/smiley2.gif[/img])

Who's next!?[img]smileys/smiley4.gif[/img]

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Old 01-02-2009, 05:42 PM
cgraham30's Avatar
Awesome WAHM
Join Date: Mar 2006
Location: United States
Posts: 594

My Goal of 2009

Of course I'm getting married in July so I need to lose 30-35lbs between now and then

Make better choices when eating

find 3-4 people who are struggling to lose weight and partner with them
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Old 01-03-2009, 08:09 AM
FV Mom's Avatar
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Join Date: Dec 2006
Posts: 4,381

Great goals Cheryl![img]smileys/smiley4.gif[/img]

C'mon everyone! If you aim at nothing you're sure to hit it! Let's make 2009 the year we finally achieve the body of our dreams![img]smileys/smiley4.gif[/img]

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Old 01-03-2009, 01:53 PM
jnmurra's Avatar
WAHM Master
Join Date: May 2005
Location: United States
Posts: 7,041

Oh, okay, if you insist. [img]smileys/smiley36.gif[/img] I really hate doing this because I hardly ever stick to my plan, but we'll see what happens this year since I am pretty serious about a couple of things.

1. Get through my first round of CE without getting sick. [img]smileys/smiley36.gif[/img]

2. Decrease my BF%. The last time I checked, I was around 24. something or other. I want to be where I was when I first started got into weight training 11 years ago - around 19 to 20% (I'll have to find my paperwork from way back then to be sure, but it was somewhere in there). #1 should fix that, right?

3. Just get toned in general before pool season hits here, which is end of May/early June. I wear a two-piece most of them and since I stopped working out for a while, I'm looking a little flabby. Hopping to get that fixed with #1! [img]smileys/smiley36.gif[/img]

4. Increase upper body strength, but again, #1 should take care of that. [img]smileys/smiley1.gif[/img]

That's it. We should revisit this in a few months and see where everybody is at with their goals, if you all want to [img]smileys/smiley25.gif[/img]

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Old 01-03-2009, 03:37 PM
SimpleLife's Avatar
WAHM Addict
Join Date: Jan 2006
Posts: 2,185

My goal is to get into my size3 jeans again by March!

I am a size 7 right now...

I will do this by staying away fro my favorite pastries and pastas..

I love coffee... will be drinking this now without cream and sugar.
I also will drink diet soda if I need a cool bubbly drink.

If I can do the above along with my othersources I should be in good shape!

I also hope to walk more as soon as some of the ice and snow melt from the roads. Hard to exercis when its so cold ouside.

So far I hae been good for 2 days lol

~ Carola

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Old 01-04-2009, 10:00 AM
ConiC's Avatar
Awesome WAHM
Join Date: Jan 2008
Location: United States
Posts: 643

My goal is to gain some noticeable muscle mass and definition by March (14-15% body fat). To do this I plan on lifting heavier and SERIOUSLY committing to clean eating...its the only way for me to blast that last layer of fat.

I also want to work up to a 6 minute wall squat, increase my flexibility and be able to run the distance of a half marathon.

Thanks for the push to get this in writing Kass!! We are all going to crush these goals [img]smileys/smiley4.gif[/img]

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Old 01-04-2009, 09:14 PM
OrangeSmoke20's Avatar
WAHM Addict
Join Date: Jun 2005
Location: United States
Posts: 3,921

Ok here are my 2009 goals.

1. To lose the weight I gained since I have quit smoking!

2. To Continue working out at the gym (Yes I joined a gym)

3. To buy a cute dress and feel comfortable in it for a wedding in early Feb (Hence #1...lose the weight I gained when I quit smoking).

4. To continue to eat healthy, be healthy, and to try and be more positive!
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