It's here! Got my P90X so now I could BRING IT!

  • It just got here! Wow, there's a lot of reading material.......
    I'm going to read everything and take the fitness test so I could start on Monday. That way I can do all 6 days of the workouts from M-Sat - that's the best for my schedule, so I know it'll be easier to stick with. YAY!!
    I can feel the pain already.
  • Awesome!!! Keep us posted on your workouts.

    ~ Vilma
  • YAY!!!!

    Yep, there is a ton of info to read.

    Definitely keep us updated!

  • Way to go! My fiance uses that program and he has seen awesome results! Just make sure to stick to it!!
  • Can't wait to hear what you think!
  • You guys are so awesome! I did the fit test to see if I am fit enough to start. I mean, I did SOME of it - I'll run through the whole thing tomorrow. The wall squat was HARD but I did it without sliding down at all. My daughter did it for 15 seconds and she said, "How did you DO this for a whole minute?"

    Purlboutique, can you tell me what kind of results your fiance got and at what point? Like did he see some good results a month in or longer? I am really interested in hearing. I plan on sticking to it - or as they say I'll continue to BRING IT!!!
  • Could you use an accountability buddy?

    I'm going to start a round of p90x, too. Let's do it together!


  • Yay!! I am excited for you. Let us know how it goes! Good luck

  • Kevin,

    Yes, I could really use an accountability partner - I know with this program I am really going to need one!! Thank you! Also, I sent you a PM.
    Mary, thank you! I'm excited and I'm scared! I'msuch a bigchicken. I love your avatar, by the way. I still do that to this day when my kids talk about boys - ignorance is bliss. Just joking! When it comes to their boy talk, I'm all ears - gotta know what's going on!