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Old 03-28-2007, 03:11 PM
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In regards to the following post:



</font>I found this Word
Document in my Nutrition Folder &amp; wanted to share... I

those of you who like to Cleanse &amp; Detox, here is a year long
program that you can follow. Remember to get your doctor's ok before
starting anything new &amp; as always, keep up the clean and healthy




For 7-21 days between March 10 and April 15, use one or more of the following
plans: </span>

<ul><li style="color: black; line-height: 10pt;">Master Cleanser (lemonade
diet). [img]smileys/smiley20.gif[/img] </span><li style="color: black; line-height: 10pt;">Fruits, vegetables, greens. </span><li style="color: black; line-height: 10pt;">Juices of fruits, vegetables,
and greens. </span><li style="color: black; line-height: 10pt;">Herbs with any of the above. </span><li style="color: black; line-height: 10pt;">These plans can be alternated
and even include a 3-5 day supervised water fast. </span><li style="color: black; line-height: 10pt;">Remember to take time (about
half as long as the fast) for the transition back to the regular diet. </span><li style="color: black; line-height: 10pt;">Elimination and food testing
can also be done at this time. </span>[/list]
Mid-Spring</span> </span></span>

3-day cleanse at new moon time in May as a reminder and
enhancer of food awareness.


One week of fruits and vegetables and/or fresh juices to
usher in the warm weather sometime between June 10 and July 4.

Late Summer</span> </span>

3-day cleanse of fruit and vegetable juices around the
new moon time in August.

Autumn</span> </span>

7-10 day cleanse between September 11 and October 5, such
as: </span></span>

<ul><li style="line-height: 10pt;">Grape fast--whole
and juiced--grapes, all fresh. </span><li style="color: black; line-height: 10pt;">Apple and lemon juice together,
diluted. </span><li style="color: black; line-height: 10pt;">Fresh fruits and vegetables,
raw and cooked. </span><li style="color: black; line-height: 10pt;">Fruit and vegetable
juices--fruit in the morning, vegetables in the afternoon. </span><li style="color: black; line-height: 10pt;">Juices plus spirulina, algae,
or other green chlorophyll powders. </span><li style="color: black; line-height: 10pt;">Whole grains, cooked squashes
and other vegetables (a lighter detox). </span><li style="color: black; line-height: 10pt;">Mixture of the above plans. </span><li style="color: black; line-height: 10pt;">Basic low-toxicity diet with
herbal program. </span><li style="color: black; line-height: 10pt;"><st1lace w:st="on"><st1:city w:st="on">Colon</span></st1:city></st1lace> detox with fiber (psyllium, pectin, and so on) along
with enemas or colonics. </span><li style="color: black; line-height: 10pt;">Preparing and planning new
autumn diet, enhancing positive dietary habits. </span>[/list]
Mid-Autumn</span> </span></span>

3-day cleanse on juices or in-season produce around new
moon in late October/early November.</span></span></span>


A lighter diet in preparation for the holidays (can be
done between December 10 and January 5): </span></span>

<ul><li style="line-height: 10pt;">Avoidance of toxins
and treats, with a very basic wholesome diet. </span><li style="color: black; line-height: 10pt;">One week of brown rice, cooked vegetables,
miso broth, and seaweed. Ginger and cayenne pepper can be used in soups. </span><li style="color: black; line-height: 10pt;">Saunas or steams and
massage--you deserve it! </span><li style="color: black; line-height: 10pt;">Hang on until spring! </span>[/list]


God Bless,

~ Vilma</font>

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Old 03-28-2007, 03:44 PM
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Thanks for posting this Mrs. Perez!
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