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Erika Cox 09-02-2013 08:44 AM

Considering this opportunity
I usually stay clear of these types of businesses because I hate to sell and I don't care for the matrix system. But this one intrigues me a little because I have lost weight and pretty interested in helping others lose weight and be healthy.

But, I want to know if any is making money. And I don't mean a couple of hundred a month but closer to the $1,000 the company claims you can make.


Samie8183 09-03-2013 06:44 PM

Hey Twin! Nice to see you again :)

It's $1000 in 6 months. Here's how the guarantee works..... If you go out and sponsor 5 people in your first 30 days, and at least 2 of them are still active after 6 months AND you're not making at least $1000 a month the company will refund your money from the last 6 months, $240. It doesn't necessarily mean I'm guaranteed to make $1000, it just means the company will refund if I choose to leave after 6 months and not making that much per month. So I choose to stay and not get my refund. I hope that helps explain it a bit better for ya. If you go to Terms and Conditions on any reps site you'll see it's explained there too :)

Hope you had a great Holiday weekend!
Talk soon!

Samie8183 09-03-2013 09:46 PM

They are talking about maxing out comp plan by taking massive action following the 4 get 4 formula. Meaning if you get 4 and teach those who get 4 and so on you'll be looking at maxing out the comp plan within the 90 day period. This is a group in EPX doing this and the guarantee has nothing to do with EPX in this example. This is based on HUGE groups of people joining within just 90 days. This is different than the $1000 guarantee with the company. I hope I explained that well :)

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