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Old 05-25-2016, 07:39 AM
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Default Recorded Call With O2 Drops Creator Dr. Krauss

For those of you who have not had a chance to listen to the recorded call from the creator of O2 drops, I highly recommend that you do. It is so informative and will really help you be able to give your customers a better understanding of what exactly O2 Drops are.

To find the call, go to O2 Central | O2 Central . Then on the right-hand side, scroll down to "blog catergories" and select "product spotlight".

I will try to post some of my notes in the near future from the call.
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Old 05-29-2016, 01:08 PM
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As promised, here are some highlights from the call with Dr. Krauss, the creator of our O2 Drops:

Before Dr. Krauss came on the call, our CEO, Dan Putman, mentioned that Dr. Krauss wrote a book entitled, O2xygen: Nature's Most Important Dietary Supplement. I haven’t read the book yet but I definitely look forward to reading it!

With that being said, here are some things that Dr. Krauss touched on:
When a human body lacks adequate amounts of oxygen¸ free radical production actually increases in our bodies
• Less oxygen means greater free radical production because the body and cells are stressing out because there is not enough oxygen to create energy, then toxins build up in human body and that creates more damage to cells and organs in our body
• You can’t overfill the human body with oxygen. You can only have 100% oxygen saturation – you can’t put 120% or 150% in.
• Plasma in our body (liquid freeway) that all nutrients and all cells run through is about 2% dissolved oxygen in the plasma
o Rest of oxygen carried by hemoglobin molecule in our red blood cells
o Whole goal is to keep that freeway saturated and keep those red cells completely saturated with oxygen
o That’s where human health comes from and that’s what’s really important
Why take an oxygen supplement when all you need to get oxygen is to simply breathe? Why do people need to supplement oxygen?
There are a number of things that prevent us from being fully saturated:
1) Stress – stress causes a lot of oxygen to be consumed by human body; not only in organs, but in brains. Depletes more oxygen and cells become stripped of what they need to be able to create the energy that they need to function properly, to create energy, duplicate themselves, to use the nutrients, to even think!
a. Brain consumes 25% of the oxygen that we breathe!
b. If we don’t have adequate amounts of oxygen, the brain tries to get it 1st; if it can’t get enough, the brain functioning, memory, your ability to recall things diminish and then other organs don’t get what they need
2) Foods that we eat – highly processed foods
3) Chemicals
70,000 new chemicals introduced to our environment that are in our foods, waters, since my grandparents’ generation.
Goal is to get human body back to normal oxygen level so that it can fight off disease, to perform and function properly
• One of the best ways for that is using oxygen supplementation
o O2 Drops DO help increase the body’s oxygen level!! You can test by pulse oximeter
Oxygen is a great anti-aging product; great also for preventative disease, etc
How does oxygen work for anti-aging, diseases, athletes, etc?
Whether you realize it or not, you’re an athlete! We’re putting our body thru tremendous amounts of stress, just like an athlete does.
• To be able to create energy, you MUST have oxygen!
• To be able to cleanse the body, to be able to pull out all the accumulated toxins from over medications, from all the chemicals that are in our foods, THAT TAKES OXYGEN!!
• The biggest killer of human beings in the world (especially in American) is STRESS!!
• Stress causes an accumulation of toxins to build up in our organs and our cells – you have to get those toxins out! If they remain in the cells for prolonged periods of times, they literally destabilize cell, destroy DNA, destroy the cells, and that is where the source of death comes from – it starts at the cellular level, it DOESN’T start at the organ level – it starts with individual cells!
• The key is to make those cells as healthy as possible and they have to have oxygen on every nano-second – You can go without food for 40 days, without water for about a week, but how long can you go without oxygen? Literally for minutes. Brain needs it, if you don’t have it, you die.
• Best way to diminish the effects of aging is to prevent the build up of these toxins.
Oxygen is missing an electron; needs an electron to become stable; it will get an electron anywhere that it can – one of these places it gets the electrons is when it comes into contact with micro-organisms – they give up their electrons because of the way they’re designed on a cellular level
In order for wound to heal, they must have an adequate supply of oxygen
1 square inch of skin has:
• 650 Sweat Glands
• 20 Blood Vessels
• 60,000 Melanocytes
• More than a thousand nerve endings
Every single one of these elements (listed above) requires oxygen!
By age 30, we’ve lost about 30% of our skin’s ability to be able to get the oxygen that it needs
By age 40, we’ve lost about 40%
By age 80, we’ve lost as much as 70%
Why do people need to supplement with minerals? What makes the LTSM minerals in O2 different than other minerals out there?
Book Empty Harvest by Dr. Bernard Jensen – has to do with lack of nutrition that is in the foods that we consume
- Most minerals are man-made minerals and do not contain the correct electron spin, not in correct quantum state for our bodies to get the energy that they need
Our product has three minerals:
1) Chromium
2) Zinc
3) Magnesium

Why Chromium, Zinc, and Magnesium?

- Magnesium and Chromium are critical minerals for energy production; for your muscles to be able to perform properly, to contract, to be able to recover from those contractions, to be able to move – they really are the key energy minerals – that’s why they’re in this formula
- Zinc also is critical for some energy production, but it’s one of the essential minerals for skin health – so that’s why it’s in the formula
- ---------------------------------------------------------------------
The human body has 37 trillion cells! Those cells all originated from one single cell. How did that happen?! With those cells having to have the right kind of nutrition that oxygen in order to duplicate their selves every single time until they got to that 37 trillion
Every day 50 billion cells die! Those cells need to be replaced and cant’ be done without an adequate supply of oxygen
- We have 20 trillion red blood cells in our body that go through 100,000 miles of blood veins, arteries, and capillaries in our body (they’re traveling that)
o That’s about half the distance to the moon or about four times around the Earth!
o The blood can do that about EVERY SIX MINUTES!!
o Every single one of these 20 trillion red blood cells need oxygen!
 If cant’ have oxygen and can’t deliver oxygen to the cells, they die
- In every single cell (of the 37 trillion) there’s a strand of remarkable peptides that we call DNA
o Those DNA molecules (about 400 million in each of those cells – those cells contain 30 atoms) – If count all, they would stretch 15 billion miles long!
 That’s twice the diameter of our solar system!! AND THAT’S IN A SINGLE HUMAN BODY!!
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