Anyone else not refunded for unfulfilled customer order?

  • I'm sharing my experience with EPX to ask if anyone else has a similar story to tell.

    During part of last year, I was with EPXBody at the suggestion of an online associate (not anyone here) and wasn't sure about them, so I only purchased one of their VIP customers and only stayed active for a few months.

    VIP customers are part of the the previous thread about the "buy your downline" plan.

    Their fulfillment was slow, so I waited patiently and checked every so often, but nothing. Then I got involved in a cross-country move and forgot about it.

    I recently remembered and logged in to see and still no fulfillment, so I requested a refund. Not unreasonable...I paid for something that I never received.

    I was refused, not because I wasn't still active, nor because I didn't request it in a timely manner, both reasonable policies.

    Their reason is because the company was allegedly owned by someone else for a short period of time last year and the company doesn't have access to those funds. Lucky me, I bought during the "other ownership".

    Emails went back and forth between the company and I and still they refused, but they did offer to fulfill it now. Um, no thanks, so far all I've heard is a questionable story and accepting that customer would mean I would have to reactivate to benefit in any way.

    How would that benefit me, as I'm not involved anymore?

    They now re-own the company, but disavow any responsibility for that short period of non-ownership.

    Anyone else have a similar experience? I don't want to rain on anyone's happy experiences, but it is important to share all sides.


  • That is weird and would not be an acceptable answer to me.

    So did Dan leave and come back? or was it someone else?

  • Wasn't acceptable to me either!

    He was there all along, but I'm guessing he needed an influx of cash, so apparently sold control to others, but they allegedly stole a bunch of the company's money and took off.

    The whole thing sounds unbelievable to me, but I'm not the only one to have an unpleasant experience with EPX. I have been privately contacted by others.

  • Wow Dan was with Xooma, which is why I briefly joined EPX and now I have rejoined Xooma recently. I was surprised when he left Xooma but now after what you just said he may not have left willingly and since he has been gone Xooma has been exploding.
  • Hmmm? The story twists and turns more.

    I'm over it...better to move on and let it go. I think I have an oil for that, lol.

    Good to talk to you! Look for a pm.