Anyone else using Burn to assist weight loss?

  • I just started using EPXBody Burn a few days ago and am very impressed with it so far.

    Because I'm super sensitive to supplements and meds and had bad side-effects from weight loss OTC products in the 80's, I hesitated to try ours, but I love Burn. It works as described to reduce appetite without any jitters at all and more importantly for me, to reduce the snack attacks. I don't need to be hungry to nibble every couple of hours. You know? It's too early to see any other results, but snacking is my major obstacle to weight loss so I'm thrilled.

    Anyone else have experience with Burn? I can't compare it to Nutri-Thin, so if you've tried both, I'd love to hear that too.

  • Hi Deb,

    I've been using Nutri Thin and just ordered Burn. I'm anxious to try it to compare the two.

    I absolutely LOVE Nutri Thin! I literally have to remind myself to eat something. On a side note, you cannot take it late in the day ... unless you want to be up all night cleaning the house, doing laundry, rearranging furniture, washing the car, etc. LoL
  • Lol, maybe it should be marketed as a cleaning aid?

    I'll be interested to read your comparison of the two products.