Don't Throw Away Expired Coupons!

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  • Expire Coupons
    You are right people doesn't care about coupons which they used but sometimes these coupons save our money again.
  • Wow! I didn't know this. Thanks so much for posting. I will make sure to do this from now on.
  • Thanks to all of you participating.
    Keep spreading the word out there.

    Thank you
  • That good to know. Thanks for sharing!
  • Quote: Coupons To Troops is another website that has great information on getting starting sending coupons overseas. The biggest difference between them and the OCP is that Couponstotroops encourages you to send directly to a military family rather than to just a generic address on base. By sending to a family, you have a better chance of hearing back that they your coupons have been received and getting to someone who will be able to use them in time. Iíve heard horror stories about boxes ending up in the trash on bases because there werenít enough volunteers to help get them distributed before that 6 month expiration window was up.

    I personally have a list of military families who are stationed overseas who are interested in receiving coupons. If anyone would like me to help put them in touch with a family, please let me know. By that same note if any military families stationed overseas would like to be added to my list, please contact me for more information!!
    We buy two Sunday papers each week and always have unused coupons. I'd love to have a family or two to share them with! Please let me know.
  • Mailing address

    I am always throwing away coupons that have expired or I don't have use for. Can you please tell me how can I mail these coupons and are they only looking for food coupons?

    Thank you

  • Very neat, never knew about this.
  • That's a really cool idea!

    I also have noticed that a lot of places will still accept the expired coupons, so long as they're not too out of date. At my job, I jsut go ahead and scan them, and if the computer misses it, then they still can use it!
  • This is awesome! I ALWAYS have coupons that I never end up using before the expiration date. :-)
  • Thanks for sharing. I will pass this information to my friends and family.