We should All Feel Proud of our Candle Companies !!

  • I sat at a local market yesterday with my new Soy Candles.
    I'm in Western NC, & we get a lot of tourists during Fall here.

    3 couples from Ohio came by my booth, 2 ladies in John Deere sweats, & their husbands.
    They stopped looked at the candles & said, "Thank you for using Soy candles, as it really helps keeps us farmers in business!"

    I felt very impressed & special about that comment. And I looked at the Candle companies represented on our WAHM site & as far as I can see, all of them are USA made. Some may use Paraffin in their wax, but being a true USA company is really AWESOME!!

    I do LOVE that using all Soy wax helps farmers as well as the candle factories employing so many to turn out our products!!!

    Another reason to be proud to share a true USA made product and business opportunity with others !!!

    Great SUCCESS to all this Season !!!
  • yes....I agree 100%.
  • Oh yeah! Made on the USA is the WAY to go.

    We should do it with as many things as we can in our lives.
    Sad though, it's hard to find a lot made in the USA...
  • Isn't it nice when people acknowledge things like that. That comment must have made your day!
  • Made in the USA is the only way!
  • I agree!
    Any US based company should be proud as each company that is run in the US, providing jobs to our American Citizens, is doing a service to our great country!

    Every little piece of every little product has an effect on the business chain!