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badmammajdollar 12-13-2014 12:08 PM


Originally Posted by Dugsmom (Post 3227932)
Thank you!!! I will have to block some time out for business only! I still have to keep up with the house...leaving the cleaning until whenever would cause problems here. :( My husband is a good man but if the business isn't making enough money to support me/us then he doesn't consider it a business. He calls it a hobby. He feels the same way about the Personal Training/Group Training that I do.
I will focus on this while he's at work and work really hard on it to prove that this is more than just a little hobby.

When I started my business, I had the same problem with my husband. You have to sit him down and truly explain how you feel. You cannot allow him to discount you. Problem is, all businesses have to go through this phase. It's a sacrifice you all as a family have to make to be successful. Once I got my husband to understand this, I tricked him into further understanding the satisfaction of the business. I gave him a little control by setting him up to make a few sales and take payments. After the first sale, he was sold. Now he fully sees the potential. We get so caught up into making the same money each week from a job with no satisfaction that it's hard to see the satisfaction without the same money. Never drop issue, he will come around. Trust me.

homebusinesswebsites 02-19-2015 08:40 PM

work at night
many work at home business owners work of a night when the family is in bed or watching tv. it's often the best time of the day (in the night) to get in and get things done, without interruptions.

many of our store owners, only work at night when the day jobs are done.

Emily Sather 05-06-2016 12:50 PM

Lists, lists, lists have been very helpful for me to keep track of what needs to be done on any given day - and list-keeping apps.

It can also be very helpful to block out specific amounts of time on specific days for some of those "never ending" tasks that can otherwise just keep expanding to eat up more time than they should, because you never really get done with them.

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