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Annie-Pat 02-21-2013 09:23 AM

What's Your Story
What’s Your Story?
Byron Katie in her process called The Work, asks us this: who would you be without your story?
Indeed. Sometimes our story is all we have holding us together. It’s the Elmer’s Glue of our life.

At least that’s what we tell ourselves.
Iyanla VanZant says it’s even stronger than that; she says we’re addicted to our story. So basically every time we tell it or relive it or act it out…we’re getting high. That may strike you as an extreme description, but I rather think it fits. Listen up…

Addictions feel good for a while, as they help us to avoid, ignore or deny… but eventually it’s back to reality, and that DOESN’T feel good. So I’m off for another ‘fix”; and since my story is my addiction, I need to tell, relive or act out my story again. Lather, rinse, repeat. Addictions aren’t good for you but it does stop the pain… for now.

So, why do I want to give up something that stops the pain?

Because while addictions may stop pain, they also create pain. The problem is, telling your story seems so innocent- how could it possibly be an addiction? Playing a game on the internet, shopping, cleaning, drinking coffee, washing your hands…more innocent behaviors. No addictions, there, right? No problems, either…uh huh...

Back to the original question: who are you without your story?

Free, that’s who. Free to choose, free to feel, think and act differently. Free to call the shots. But when you spent your life in prison, freedom can also be scary. No one tells you that. And that is what often sends people running back to their prison. IT’S NOT GREAT, BUT IT’S THE KNOWN.

So expect to feel scared, ok? Just like the baby bird..it’s scary to leave the nest; it’s scary to leave that comfort zone……right up until you start to fly.

To your magnificent soaring,

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