Newbie's here!

  • Hi everyone,

    I am happy that I joined this forum site, I hope that we will have a good time discussing things in our interest especially on breast cancer. Hoping for helpful and friendly users here.

    Welcome to those who are newbies like ME!

    Thank you and Take care everyone!
  • Welcome to the forum Sarah.
  • Welcome Sarah!
  • Welcome Sarah! I love this forum )
  • Welcome Sarah! I am a newbie also.
  • Same i am also newbie please welcome me
  • Hi Sarah, welcome to the group.
  • Welcome to the forum, Sarah
  • Newbie's here!
    Hello, it's good to find a website that isn't cluttered with junk. I've been perusing this website for a number of days finally and now decided to join.
  • welcome to the forum