Breast Cancer Screening

  • A cure for breast cancer is not yet available, so screening and early detection are our best tools in the fight against breast cancer.

    Do you have any screening or early detection resources that you can share with your fellow WAHMers?
  • I can't help but share this... it's the Man Reminder about how to screen yourself.

    I love it.

    Rethink Breast Cancer presents: Your Man Reminder - YouTube
  • I have heard different things about whether everyone should get a mammogram or only those at risk, and whether mammograms or thermographic immaging are best. Would love some resources to help me decide. Not yet 40 and not high risk, so will be getting my baseline mammogram in the near future!

    Also, medicine seems to advance so quickly, I know people say "ask your doctor," but how do I know they are on the cutting edge and understand the changes in medicine that have taken place since they were trained?
  • Liz if you're concerned with the experience/education of your current doctor as far as breast cancer then maybe going to a breast cancer clinic in your area might be an option. Possibly talk to your doctor first and then depending search up a clinic in your area. It's better to be safe and all the information presented to you plus have your i's dotted and t's crossed when it comes to preventative medicine.

    My mom had breast cancer three times before she finally lost her battle so I'm definitely at risk. I'm 44 and I just had a lump removed back in April Thankfully everything came back okay.

    Good luck! <3
  • Just do it!
    I had my first mammogram at 43. It saved my life! I was not aware of anything wrong. I had a small but very aggressive tumor growing right against my chest wall and on the edge of my breast. I was already a stage 2. It's almost 5 years later now and after chemo, radiation and a lumpectomy I am cancer free and doing great!
  • Remember, if your mother had BC, you are supposed to go back 10 years from when she had it and start getting mammograms.
    I am BRCA2 + so is my mother and sister. My mom was 32 with her first BC. Insurance companies will fight you on it, but fight back! I lost both breasts and had a full hyster/ooph at 39 because of BC. Please be vigilant.
  • Quote: I can't help but share this... it's the Man Reminder about how to screen yourself.

    I love it.

    Rethink Breast Cancer presents: Your Man Reminder - YouTube
    this will help a lot of people..
  • I know how it is
    Last year, I had to go through chemo, not for breast cancer but for something else. For all my sister out there, get yourself screen every year and ASAP. I spent 7 months, and I was lucky. I am the mother of three kids whose dad is irresponsible, I am happy to be there for them and you need to be there for yours.
    Lots of Love
  • Many advances in breast cancer treatment
    A diagnosis of breast cancer seriously isn't a death sentence. While using the many advances in bust cancer treatment, the majority (90%) connected with early breast cancers is usually cured and those which might be diagnosed late can be palliated so that the woman can live some sort of life of good quality for quite a while.
  • Early dectection..double edged sword?
    While I agree with early detection, and it absolutely saves lives, I just wanted to share that while doing a very comprehensive physical checkup abroad before age 30, they found a really tiny lump in my sister's breast. Lump might also be a generous term. It actually is normal to have little cysts , we were told, but now I feel like she's on high alert.