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beFragrant 12-30-2015 10:28 PM

Whats The Best Way To Run A Facebook Party?
What's your thoughts and experience? Some online parties stay "open" and run for maybe 2 weeks. There is also the LIVE Virtual Parties that literally run like a "home party", guests attend, interact, and it's left open at the most, a day after to finalize the orders. Its a "home party" except you party online.

I'd love to hear your ideas and success stories, what works best??

Thank you!

BTHodgeman 12-31-2015 09:18 AM

I've never hosted one, but I've been a guest at a few. The one that worked the best was a Pampered Chef online party. I think they have a system they use to plug-in to the host's Facebook account.

There were 20 or so pre-defined posts, games, etc. The host was there, interacting with all her friends, and a few other Pampered Chef people (since it was her first online party).

It was well-run and interactive. There was a system keeping track of points for engagement. Each like, comment, etc. got you a point and you were entered into a drawing for a free prize added to your order.

This party was live and only left open until the end of the day.

beFragrant 01-05-2016 07:50 AM

Thank You For Sharing Your Facebook Party Experience.
I appreciate you sharing your Facebook party experience, that's super helpful. Would you mind sharing how you were invited? Was there a lot of people at the party?

Thank you also for inviting me to your Facebook page, I just became your newest fan!

Make today amazing!

BTHodgeman 01-05-2016 08:12 AM

Hi Denise - Thanks for liking my page.

I was invited by my friend who was hosting the party. She sent me a message on Facebook asking if I would be interested in attending. And that's what made the difference. Had I just been "invited" without personal contact, I probably wouldn't have attended, but because she personally messaged me and asked if I would like to attend, I was happy to.

I'm not 100% sure how many people were in the online party, but I would say at least 10-15. There was a lot of participation, comments, likes, product testimonials, etc.

I enjoyed it more than a home party because I could be at home myself, doing other stuff at the same time. The main downside I suppose is that with a home party, most people will order something just because they don't want to be "the one" to leave without placing an order. With an online party, I suspect the order rate is quite a bit lower.

sneff3 10-23-2016 07:58 PM

Thank you BTHodgeman! I have always just invited people to Facebook parties. After reading your post I will personally message people to invite them from now on. Much more personable. Thanks again!

beFragrant 10-23-2016 09:24 PM

Connect! It's Super Important!
That's great feedback BTHodgeman. I totally agree, I need REMINDING...and REMINDING.. the personal connection! We all get busy, it's easy to forget if we aren't contacted. We really try to drive that home in our training.

I was invited to a FB LIVE event, I REALLY wanted to be online for. That party came and went before I knew it, had I been contacted and reminded, I may have been able to make it. It was a huge eye opener for me.

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