• Just curious who here have tried this? I went to the flea
    Market and saw a lady promoting a lipstick. But
    What I was wondering is the skin care. I noticed when
    I went to the website that there were many who had beautiful
    Skin. Any experiences with this?
  • I tried some of the makeup a few years ago, and at the time I did look at the skincare line. I did try the eyelash serum and really liked it. Several people gave great reviews of the skincare (customers not reps), but in the end I didn't try it.

    Hopefully someone here has had some experience with it and can give you more information.
  • Curious, what was it that you liked about the products?
  • I have used the skincare and really liked it. Especially the Sene-Serum C.
  • So did you continue to use the skin care. If not why?
  • I am currently not using it right now because I have a lot expenses coming up and I cannot do it financially. However, I was really happy with the products. I have the name of a really good rep if you would like to contact her if you would like to try some samples.