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Old 10-13-2012, 11:23 AM
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Default 50 Ideas to Build Your Avon Business

50 ways to leave your phone number (Use 100+ Uses for SSS - in a seperate thread- for Idea number 10.

1. Place Avon brochures, samples, and your Avon business card in the vestibules or community rooms of your local churches, temples, synagogues, mosques, and other places of worship. Include a flier explaining that you can provide a wonderful Avon fund-raising opportunity. You can add this line to your literature: “Your body is a temple. Show your respect with Avon.”

2. Traveling on vacation or for business? Leave a brochure and samples with your E-rep information and your Avon business card on your hotel nightstand along with your tip for the housekeeping staff. “Avon: Look Great, Make Money: The Best Tip Ever!”

3. Most cities and large towns have a Tourist information center or booth. Drop off a stack of fliers with a list of products a traveler to your town might need. Ideas: Forget sunscreen? Call me for Avon SUN Sport! Traveling? Call me for quality women’s and men’s toiletries!

4. Leave Avon brochures with lipstick samples at the Hostess desk at your local popular restaurants. Attach a sticky note: “Waiting for a table? Freshen up on me!”

5. Bus stops! Train stations! Leave a couple of brochures on the bus or train, too, with the added tagline in big, bold colorful print: “Beauty: Getting there is easy with Avon!”

6. Day care centers are wonderful places to drop some Avon brochures. Sometimes I make a special delivery with colorful helium balloons tied with curly ribbons, an Avon book tied to the end of the ribbon as a weight. Add a cute card with these words: “What about YOU, baby! Moms need care, too!”

7. I found one of my favorite regular customers by dropping off a brochure at the Fire Station! Firefighters use their hands to carry heavy equipment, and often find themselves with rough, scaly skin. This is a great place to demonstrate Moisture Therapy lotion. You can add this line to your fliers or brochures – and circle the lingerie: “Make your woman even hotter than the fire you put out today! Give her Avon! Call today! FREE Gift Wrap Service is also available!”

8. Does your town have a local newspaper? Reporters, advertising layout designers, paper boys and girls, receptionists – everyone who works on the paper - could be a great customer. Leave your brochures with some samples at the front desk. You can even ask the managing editor if you could pay a small fee and slip a business card or flier into each paper prior to delivery. Don’t forget the “Penny Pincher” types of rags and the alternative weekly. A great tagline to add to your flier? “Erase your “Headlines” with Avon Anew Line and Wrinkle Corrector!”

9. Slip a brochure or a homemade flier under the windshield wipers of cars parked at places your customers frequent. For Avon Ladies, that might include outside of grocery stores, craft stores, day care centers, elementary schools. If the weather looks cloudy or wet, you may want to enclose your brochure in a ziplock bag, and add a few samples, along with a card that says “While you’re driving, you auto know, that Avon’s gonna make you glow!”

10. Feed stores, pet stores, boarding kennels, and farm suppliers are a wonderful place to leave a Skin So Soft flier (See the end of these “ways” for over 100 uses of Skin So Soft!) listing all the bath oil’s amazing uses, including as a flea-repellent,a massage oil for your cat, dog, pot-bellied pig, horse, or goat. Your flier can say “Give your pet a new leash on life with Avon Skin So Soft!”

11. Tape a brochure or flier to the coin-input slot at your local carwash, along with the list of Skin So Soft uses. This miracle bath oil works great on cars, too! “Make your car a real beauty with Avon’s Skin So Soft – removes nearly everything from your car’s finish!”

12. Stop at all your local libraries and leave your business card or flier inside the front cover of EVERY beauty book and magazine. Don’t forget the cookbooks and romance novels! Any book that a potential customer might open is a great prospect. Leave a brochure and sample or two for the librarian, along with a card that says, “Who wrote the book on beauty? Avon. Every brochure is a New Chapter.”

13. You can find several locations at the gym to drop sales literature. The locker room is a great place to leave Avon samples – especially skin care products. Add these words to your brochure or flier: “After the workout, it’s time to play. Tone up with Avon!”

14. Read the event listings in your local paper. Place Avon brochures and samples in a pretty gift basket and drop it off at the start of each event. Works great for knitting groups, book clubs, wedding and baby showers – any event where your potential customers congregate.

15. Stack your brochures on the folding table of the Laundromat.

16. Hairstylists all have waiting areas where customers sit and read the latest fashion magazines. Why not add your own fashionable Avon brochure to the pile? Don’t forget to stuff a few of your Avon business cards inside! You can stamp them with “Your new look deserves completion. Avon. A thousand choices.”

17. Senior citizen centers are full of women and men who could use a little pampering and care in their life. Bring lots of free samples and brochures, and ask the receptionist if you can leave a stack at her desk for caregivers. You can add a sticky note to the front of your fliers that says “Avon: Since 1886. Not old. Perfected.”

18. The mall has an endless amount of places where you can leave your sales literature – the food court, dressing rooms, restrooms, the information kiosk.

19. Hand an Avon brochure to every clerk when you check out.

20. Leave a brochure for your mail carrier.

21. The community rooms and pool areas of apartment and condo complexes usually have a table and a bulletin board for residents’ use. Pin up your Avon flier, and place your Avon books and cards on the table. Always cover both bases – flier and brochure – when you can.

22. Have a college campus in your town? Leave your Avon brochures and samples in the dormitories, communal eating areas, lecture halls, administrative offices.

23. After you load your groceries in your car, return the grocery cart and leave a brochure in the basket.

24. Movie Theatres! Leave a business card, Avon brochure, samples on your theatre seat, in the restrooms, next to the video games, hand them to the concession workers.

25. Bring plenty of samples and a few brochures to any Bed and Breakfast establishment in your area. Tell the proprietors that you can furnish them with samples for their guests if they place regular orders.
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Old 10-13-2012, 11:23 AM
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Default Continued....

26. Banks! Leave Avon brochures on the table where you fill out your deposit and withdrawal slips.

27. Courtrooms – many people spend hours waiting during trial – why not give them something to read and something to try?

28. Massage therapists and other bodywork professionals can become great customers for skin care products. Drop off brochures and samples for products they would use in their practice.

29. Hospice. I often bring samples and trial-sized products and donate them to the hospice. I never ask for a sale here, but have had grateful family members call me to order more products.

30. Visit every party planner in your city and drop off brochures with cute gift items, sample-sized fun products like seasonal lip balms, and jewelry items circled.

31. Don’t laugh, but plumbers, garbage collectors, and electricians make GREAT Avon customers! When you need your home serviced, prepare a special package for your work man or woman. Include a demo tube of Moisture Therapy handcream, samples of fragrances, and a complimentary lip balm. It’s hard working with your hands all day, and a little pampering feels so good.

32. Property management companies often have to show rental properties. Bring them the latest Avon brochures where you have highlighted home care items that can help any rental look and smell wonderful.

33. Make care packages for all the teachers in town. Include the latest catalogues and samples, plus a few sample-sized products. Include a flier that explains that you offer a 10 percent “Educator’s Discount.”

34. Leave brochures and samples at the Police Station. You would be amazed at the traffic through any Police Station in the course of one simple day – men and women filing reports, requesting information, bailing out friends and relatives –all potential customers!

35. Skating rinks and bowling alleys! Leave brochures and samples in the café areas well as the places where parents watch their children.

36. Every sports season holds an Avon opportunity! Attend the local soccer, baseball, basketball, and football games. Parents come out in droves to watch their children play – and you can hand them a brochure and sample.

37. City pool in the summer, and indoor pools in the winter. Perfect location to leave sunscreen samples.

38. Dance studios, yoga studios, Pilates studios – all exercise locations.

39. Airport waiting areas are great places to leave more “reading material” and skincare samples. Leave your youravon.com e-Rep information so that any traveler can order from you from anywhere in the world.

40. Campgrounds – drop off Avon brochures and samples or demo products of SUNSport sunscreen and Bug Guard insect-repellent.

41. Most churches have social events such as potluck dinners, lectures, Bingo, rummage sales, etc. Bring your brochures and samples to these events. You can either ask if there is a place for you to leave them for others to enjoy, or you can mingle with the crowd and hand them out one by one.

42. Leave recruiting brochures and sales brochures at the local Unemployment office. You can arrive early in the morning when most folks arrive to check the job openings and hand them out in person, too.

43. Have a fishing hole or lake in your area? Drop by on a sunny Saturday morning and give the fishermen and women Avon brochures and discount coupons forSUN Sport sunscreen and Bug Guard insect-repellent.

44. Golf Courses – another great place to leave that sunscreen and bug-repellent! Some fancier courses have powder rooms for the ladies. Drop your Avon brochures here.

45. Hotels – a terrific place to leave those little free Avon samples. Most hotel travelers could use a freshen up, and will be thankful for the free treat. You would be surprised how many of them are working men and women looking for ways to save on travel costs. After leaving samples in the Santa Fe hotel, I received over 10 orders for items folks left at home or lost along the way, such as deodorants, shampoos, and fragrances.

46. Landscape workers have been some of my most loyal customers. Once you demonstrate one of Avon’s amazing hand creams – or leave a handful of free Avon samples – they are hooked! Everyone – men and women – wants to have soft, touchable hands. In addition to landscape workers, visit the landfill (more dirty, calloused hands!), masonry workers, the cemetery (don’t laugh – these guywork hard digging those graves!), and the road crews picking up trash and mowing the city parks. Most of these folks have never had anyone give them this kind of gentle attention. You’ll be amazed at how grateful your new friends will be.

47. Housecleaning services usually use fairly harsh chemicals and bleaches to clean their clients’ homes. Why not drop by their sales office and drop off a flier describing the many uses of Skin So Soft, along with a small discount coupon?

48. Visit the Welcome Wagon office in your town. Give them a box of your Avon brochures along with a “Welcome to town, let me be your Avon Rep” letter. Stuff each brochure with at least ten good samples, and include a New Customer discount coupon. These will be distributed to every newcomer to your area!

49. Bring Avon business cards with a free sample taped to the back to Rock concerts.Stamp them with: “Rock and Roll on some Avon deodorant, baby!” Opera? For a night attending Bizet’s “Les Pêcheurs de Perles,” stamp them with “Throw on some Avon Pearlesque jewels!” Country concert? Stamp your cards with “Get your Dolly on with Avon!”

50. Vintner’s and wine tasting events are a great place to subtly hand other attendees one of your Avon business cards. One the back, hand-write “Red or White? Avon has all your colors.”
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Old 10-29-2012, 01:39 PM
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This is an awesome list that can be used for more than just Avon. I'm bookmarking it now. Thanks for the share
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Old 10-30-2012, 02:59 PM
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You're very welcome, and I'm so glad that you enjoyed it. I hope that you found some ideas to really help you grow your business!!
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Old 04-13-2016, 11:23 AM
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Default Need help building my Avon business

I'm new Avon Representative. I started January 24,2016. Can anybody help me promote my Avon website. Give me any hint?
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Old 04-14-2016, 11:18 AM
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Plug in - Go to the meetings and functions, Make sure the District manager knows who you are. Power of 3... talk to 3 people you dont know every day and hand them a book, get followup info
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avon, avon ideas, avon training

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