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Old 08-05-2009, 09:27 AM
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Location: Canada
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Default hi

Im from canada and just joined avon today. My rep who helped me sign up was great. Im soo excited with the products i saw and cant wait to try them myself and get out there. Any ideas of how to sell your products outside of just friends and family? Would love any feedback. Just very excited. I love the products myself and thought why not sign up and do something I know I will and already enjoy.
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Old 08-05-2009, 10:01 AM
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Welcome to Avon! A good way to start building your base is to get customer referrals from your family and friends. Do they all go to school or have a day job? Give them an extra book to pass around and get a few orders for you.
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Old 08-05-2009, 02:15 PM
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How To Sell Avon

Some people will tell you that "Avon Sells Itself" - and while it's surely not as difficult as convincing someone to buy a vacuum cleaner door to door, it doesn't sell itself. You have to make the brochure available to your potential customers.

Use The Power of 3. This means talk to 3 people a day about Avon. Think about it; if you talk to 3 people a day, times 5 days a week, times 52 weeks in a year, you will have talked to 780 people in that year! If only 10% of them become customers, you will have gained 78 customers! Not bad huh? Collect 100 no's in 30 days and you'll be surprised at how many more people say yes than no.

The following are suggestions that I've gathered from other sources, combined with my own and some friends' experiences and formulated into a kind of plan. As with any other situation in which you will be meeting people that you don't already know, be safety minded. If it doesn't feel safe or right, pay attention to your gut - don't put yourself at risk.

Who are your customers? Start close to home:

Family: Ask your mother, your sister, your cousins - ask them to buy from you and ask them to take brochures into their jobs. People in business places are far more willing to part with their money if they know someone who knows the person who is selling.
Friends: Call your friends - tell them that you've started selling Avon and ask them how long it's been since they've seen an Avon brochure. Ask them if they would be willing to take brochures into their jobs.
Co-Workers: You see them every day. Tell them that you're selling Avon and ask them if they'd like to see a brochure. Ask them if anyone in their families might like to see a brochure.

Look Around You: What do you see every day? One of the best aspects to selling Avon is that you don't necessarily have to drive all over the place to get the job done. Look around you - examine your daily routine:

Neighbors: Either in an apartment complex or houses, very few people have no neighbors. If you don't already know your neighbors, this might be a good time to meet them. Your apartment complex or neighborhood association may have rules or bylaws about soliciting, but most of the time if you are giving away free brochures and not selling anything at the time that you knock, you can get around those rules. You might want to check first, or be prepared to apologize profusely and claim to be unaware of the situation and promise not to do it again.

Schools, Pre-schools and Daycares: Where do your children spend their days? Often you can connect with the receptionist or secretary and ask if anyone is providing Avon service to the staff. Some of these places have rules about outside solicitors, but it never hurts to be on good terms with the office staff - even if they can't accept the brochures for the school, they might want one for themselves.

Businesses that you drive past or go to every day: Do you stop at a McDonald's or coffee shop every day? When you pay at the counter or the drive thru, hand the clerk a brochure with your money. How about an oil change shop, a donut shop, a gas station, a food store, a quick-stop/7-11/Village Pantry kind of place. Note the businesses that you drive past every day. If they have waiting areas for customers to sit while they have services performed, ask if you could leave a brochure or two in their waiting areas.

Doctors' Offices, Clinics, Hospitals, Nursing Homes, Veterinarians: These places all have waiting rooms filled with people, and can often be a great source for new customers. Ask the receptionist if they have an office Avon Lady. Leave a few brochures in the magazine rack.
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Old 08-05-2009, 09:40 PM
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Red face

hello fellow canuck!

most of my customers came from two sources. referals, family and friends refer others. I will usually give a small gift for doing this.
the other is putting out books in mailboxes. I walked around my entire area of town and put a book hanging in a what's new bag on every box or doorknob( I estimate it's about 600 houses) it took me a year to do as I had my little ones with me most of the time and in the winter it was not always feasable.
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Old 08-06-2009, 06:29 AM
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Good luck with your new business. Your brochure is your store, so the more you put out there, the more potential customers you have. I suggest you buy 100 brochures each of your first four campaigns, and put everyone of them out in every business and neighborhood you can service.
Try to get follow up information from anyone you can, and call before your order goes in.
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Old 08-06-2009, 06:34 AM
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My advice to start with is go to every business in your town. Ask if they have a rep if they say no then ask if you can leave brochures. Pick a day each campaign (mine is the day before orders go off) and take next campaign brochures to them. Do this for six campaigns and the ones who have not ordered drop unless you are getting outside orders from people picking up brochures there.

When talking with customers let them know you are new and trying to build your business and ask if they know anyone who would be interested in buying Avon.

If you can afford this try to set a booth up at an event. I would recommend buying anything to sell but talk to your DM about extra brochures. I would use this just to get the word out.

Anything you can think of try.....some things will work some things will not.

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