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09-21-2006, 03:54 PM
Deleted thanks!

09-21-2006, 03:56 PM
You should PM Cheryl for access to the texting folder. You'll likely have more luck there.

09-21-2006, 06:40 PM
Also do a search and can find some things

www.wecanhireyou.com (http://www.wecanhireyou.com/)

Chat Job Listed below . Please check out site about for more with webcam Chat, mystery shop ,psychic.

Adult Phone Line

Are you over 18? Do you have a regular land based phone line already installed ? With no features? (We do not hire from Alaska , Hawaii ,California, or New York.) Are you okay with talking in a sexual matter ? ( MOST talk is of sexual nature .You may also find the customer just wants to chit chat also .)

PSO Staffing is a referral staffing agency. You will be placed as an Independent Contractor working for the company USA chatlines. USA ChatLines offers weekly pay. The payroll period runs Mon-Sun and you are paid the following Friday by Check or debit if signed up for that with them.
You are required to fill out a contract which is sent to you via email from USA ChatLines 's email address after your ext id is issued . You may start work asap once the ext id comes in.

You are paid for your actually talk time, not your log in time. You are paid per minute based on your overall talk time average for the payroll week. It is important to keep your caller on the line as long as possible. Below is an outline of the pay scale and how the averages are calculated.

Chat Actresses

If you have 60 calls or more and your average hold time on all calls is:

10 minute or higher
.40 cents a minute

9 minute or higher
.30 cents a minute

8 minute or higher
.17 cents a minute

7 minute or higher
.12 cents a minute

Regardless of number of calls

Less than 6 minute hold time
.07 cents a minute

6 minute hold time or greater
.10 cents a minute

All Accounts Payable start Monday @12:00 am (Eastern Standard Time) to Sunday @
11:fpm (Eastern Standard Time) Funds are mailed the following Friday
Amounts under $25.00 will be held and carried over until over $25.00 then automatically sent

How your talk time average is calculated. We take the total number of minutes you have actual spoken on a call and divide it by the number of calls you have taken. That gives us your average you have spoken on each call.
For example
You worked 1000 minutes for the payroll period.
You took 100 calls.
1000 divided by 100 equals 10.
So in this example your talk time average would be a 10 and providing you have taken at least 60 calls or more for the payroll period you would make $24.00 per hour.

If you make less than $25.00 for the payroll period then it will roll over to the following payroll period.

How the system works
Once you are hired you will be issued a code that will be used to sign in and out of the system. You will call a toll free number and enter a pin & ext id to sign you in and out.(( NONE of the customers know your info & will never beable to find that out)). You will work when you want and if you want. Keep in mind. The more you work the more you make.. so .... its all up to you. We encourage to work as much as possible.

We have calls 24 hours a day 365 days a year! So, you shouldn't be shy-----you can jump in any time you want and answer calls! We have the most calls from 12:00 PM till 12:00 AM every day of the week! There are plenty of calls to do 85...100 or even 200 per week! It’s up to you how many you answer and how much you make!!!!!!! Take your time and always listen to what the caller wants...AND make $$$$$$ doing it.

If this position seems right for you please contact us asap

If you want to start I do have helpful info to train you.GO TO this site an fill out the application

http://www.wecanhireyou.com/pso.html (http://www.wecanhireyou.com/pso.html)


PHONE ( no cells )
ss# (needed for payroll)


What is a contact phone # to reach you?
Do you plan to work full time or part time?
Have you worked at home before? If so where?
Where did you see our ad?

On a scale 1-10 how serious are you about working ???_____( (We only want ladies who are willing to at the least work 10 hrs a week ))

Rose & Wes
PSO Girls Referral for USA Chat line
call me 818 574 7233
http://us.f557.mail.yahoo.com/ym/us/ShowLetterbox=%40B%40Bulk&MsgId=546_0_1072_1379_44 369_0_458_69398_1579886048_oSOYkYn4Ur6Rg9euJfSMZ2X JUpTy9M8utTO3wVR3oldU.2VESVWtJRp7eqN5TVU5scjnYnTvW .2NaZ2FL4cNuFRr6UdrQC821YIsNJT0bUNfioxqifL3EXpDEVy S1zUk_CeJpKU0MI4_ciQP1oaq2HZuWPUEETpXtDPYoP6x9Cfu& bodyPart=1mp;YY=66004&order=down&sort=date&pos=0&v iew=a&head=b&Idx=1Refer a friend for a job >http://www.wecanhireyou.com/

09-25-2006, 02:24 PM
I would look into www.phoneactress.com (http://www.phoneactress.com) I worked with them for awhile. Another company with great GREAT reviews and wonderful pay is USI (I also worked for them). Try searching around psodivas.com for their contact info.


09-25-2006, 03:02 PM
Don't be ashamed or embarressed. You do what you gatta do. You should be proud that you are trying to provide for your family. No judgement here, you can make some good money at that. I thought Papillion was hiring, I don't know if they still are. Good Luck to you!