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08-16-2021, 09:39 PM
Lately we've been using transcription at work for meetings and stuff. I've had to mess around with a bunch of different options and have been putting together thoughts to help me in a decision criteria for evaluating solutions. I'm posting my thoughts here with the hope that others may have additional things worth considering that aren't yet in my list, as I'm not really a domain expert in this field yet-but have been tasked with helping my team evaluate transcription options. Things I'm considering so far:

1. Ability to upload both audio and video to a hosted service
2. Mechanism to easily share the transcribed files (ie: via a url)
3. Ability to do automatic speech to text
4. Editor interface for fixing up transcripts
5. Ability to export the transcript to other formats, like Word or PDF
6. Domain lexicon support for customizing the word list, and to prevent words you're not interested in appearing in your transcript
7. Ability to search, insert, or replace existing text in the transcript file (as opposed to only a one-way process of typing in the transcript)
8. Ability to review the audio or video file (and play along with the transcript)
9. Ability to "call out" words or phrases in the transcript with highlight coloration or even a bold text
10. Ability to bookmark positions in the audio/video and quickly jump back to them
11. Ability to highlight words or phrases in the transcript and add notes or additional context
12. Ability to be able to search within a specified window of time in the audio/video
13. Ability to customize the speech-to-text language dialect
14. Ability to select from multiple ASR vendors
15. Ability to have different groups of people transcribing, and have their transcript be private or shareable with others in their group
16. Ability to easily share links to individual documents or group documents
17. Speed of transcription
18. Can they label speakers?
19. Cost

Any other things I should be considering?