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07-21-2018, 02:18 PM
We not only have a ONE OF A KIND PRODUCT, but we’ve created a SIMPLE SYSTEM for moms who only have a few hours per week to introduce this unique product to others - with no need for meetings, parties, events, 3-way phone calls, funnels, landing pages, blogs, etc.!

Timing IS Important….

People are more aware of the effect of chemicals in our food supply. Even now, California has banned the use of the herbicide RoundUp (glyphosate). It will be added to a list of chemicals believed to be linked to cancer. Even the World Health Organization's has stated that glyphosate is "probably carcinogenic"! Unfortunately, it's in 75% of the food you and your kids eat and can't be washed away....

Glyphosate compromises your gut microbiome, which performs three vital functions:


When you eat products with glyphosate, all three of these vital functions FAIL to some degree - gut permeability increases, your immunity is lowered and toxins cannot be expelled.

But you can offer a unique product, PROVEN to protect the gut from glyphosate, with this exclusive formula of all-natural ingredients. This product can help flush harmful toxins, support “good” bacteria, and repair your microbiome.

• Awarded Gold Seal by the Detox Project as a glyphosate detox solution
• Double-blind trial showed decrease in glyphosate by 74%
• Double-blind trial showed decrease in C-reactive protein (a marker of inflammation) by 75%

Why are we the better choice?

+ Hand Out $50 Gift Cards!
+ Use a phone app to easily share the products & business
+ Free personalized website
+ More than 75 other products
+ Support from a very successful team

Looking for something new, or simply better? Just curious? Message me for details and receive your own $50 gift card! :)


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