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03-30-2018, 02:04 PM
what is the best way to get started in transcription?

Maiden USA
04-02-2018, 11:52 AM
I'm no expert in this, so someone else may be able to give you a better answer than me, but...

if you're getting into general transcription, I think basically the starting point would be to find places that accept new transcriptionists, as opposed to places that only accept experienced ones. Looking into places (like reviews, etc.) isn't a bad idea, either. There are threads like that here about different places. There are also pieces of equipment that you can use. I'm not sure if any one REQUIRES that you use the extra equipment (like a footpedal), but they are at least an option. And headphones, that can be good, too. So you can hear things better. Typing speed might be another consideration. I'm not sure if anyone REQUIRES a certain speed, but if they do...

04-09-2018, 05:08 AM
First of all, you'll need the tools. Good headphones and if you can, get headphones that can block background noise. Over ear headphones will do.

You'll need a fast and stable internet connection to download audio and video files, some of which can be large.

Some transcribers use foot pedals but it's not exactly a necessity.

Brace yourself for all sorts of files. Some will have background noise as they'll have been recorded in cafes. Some will have heavy accents and some will have multiple speakers.

You can then apply to work in different transcription sites such as Rev, Transcribeme, Daily Transcription, Speechpad among others.

05-28-2018, 06:22 AM
There are some companies like TranscribeMe that will accept newbies, so finding a company or companies that accept newbies is the starting point. However, all these companies do require you to take a test. To prepare for that, you can have a look at various transcription sites or YouTube to get an idea of what general transcription is like. You gotta have a good ear and be able to comprehend diverse accents and adhere to a style guide that lays out the rules on how you should transcribe, things such as marking speakers, punctuation, transcribing numbers, and such.

You may find equipment such as a foot pedal helpful, especially if you find controlling audio through short keys on the keyboard difficult. You should also have good research skills to help you find words. Start with a transcription company once you know what you are getting into and what is broadly expected of you. If you can accurately comprehend what the dictator is saying and can adhere to a style guide, you should do just fine. Best of luck!

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