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10-19-2017, 03:41 AM
xbox one vs playstation 4 death stranding header image 2

PlayStation 4

After a slow start, 2015 and 2016 saw the release of several acclaimed PS4 exclusives, and it looks like the future won’t be much different. From the hotly anticipated Crash Bandicoot collection to the mysterious Hideo Kojima production Death Stranding, there’s no shortage of awesome PlayStation games on the horizon (no pun intended). You can also expect to see many more PSVR games for sale, which can only help Sony’s claim as the creator of a superior console.

Xbox One

Despite the PlayStation’s clear advantage when it comes to game libraries, Microsoft clearly has a long-term vision for the Xbox One. The Xbox Play Anywhere initiative is off to a good start, allowing gamers to switch seamlessly back and forth between their Xbox One and their Windows 10 PC. In the future, look for the program to expand, and for cross-platform play to become a more prominent feature.

We’re hoping to see a more fleshed out Oculus VR experience tied with the Xbox in coming years, but we have no new information to share on that front. For now, if you’ve got an Oculus, its Xbox functionality is essentially limited to projection within the headset.

In addition to VR, Microsoft is betting on a slightly different technology. The Microsoft Hololens is an augmented reality device (AR) that will give users the ability to meld Microsoft’s ecosystem into their living room. Games like Minecraft have even been shown with AR capabilities. How well Hololens will compete with VR is yet to be seen, but it will at the very least open up new types of experiences for Xbox One users. Currently, commercial and developmental kits for the Hololens are available for purchase, but they cost $3,000-$5,000, so most gamers will want to wait until a consumer version shows up, and we’re not holding out breath.
Overall Winner: PlayStation 4

Taking everything above into account, while both consoles certainly offer a lot, we have to give an edge to Sony’s PlayStation 4. The Xbox One is slightly better for non-gaming applications and content, but let’s be honest: If that’s what you care most about, you can get those features in a Roku, Apple TV, or any number of other dedicated devices that will stream content for a fraction of the price. If you’re buying a PS4 or Xbox One, you want to play games, and, in this case, Sony has built a better dedicated gaming machine.

Sony has shown stronger support for independent developers so far, and both the current and future game lineups look better for PS4 than for Xbox One. Most AAA games these days are released for both consoles — after all, cash is king — but the PS4’s list of exclusives easily trumps the Xbox’s. Another point in Sony’s favor? The Natural Resource Defense Council called out the Xbox One for being an unnecessary energy hog. Although the Xbox One S addressed this issue (it consumes about half the energy as the original Xbox One), the OG system isn’t getting any better.

Ultimately both devices are quite good, so feel free to follow any brand loyalty you may have. If you want to simplify your living room setup, and only have one box hooked up to your TV, then the Xbox One is a slightly better option, but if you’re looking to game, then the PS4 will give you more bang for your buck.

Note: To reiterate, these consoles are technically outdated, as of the release of the Xbox One S and PS4 Slim. Only buy them refurbished, used, or at discounted prices. If you’re paying $300, make sure you are buying a newer model.

Updated April 6, 2017, by Nick Hastings to account for various updates to hardware and firmware, and new game selection.

10-22-2017, 10:22 AM
PS4 all the way for our family. we just got nba 2k18.

10-29-2017, 09:00 PM
We have both, but I think the PS4 gets the most action in this house with four teens.

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