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View Full Version : Is Scentsy a Worthwhile Business?

Jamie Hallman
05-31-2017, 04:23 PM
I remember spending hours scouring the web before I purchased my initial Scentsy starter kit. I wanted to make sure that joining this new company was going to be a worthwhile investment of my time and money (granted, the financial investment was minimal at $99, plus tax and shipping). Still, it was not something I took lightly and I definitely did not want to start telling everyone about my new venture only to have it tank weeks later.

I can honestly say now that I am very glad I took that first step and purchased my starter kit. It has grown into something I did not see coming and has truly been an enjoyable experience! The best part for me lies in the flexibility and ownership of it all. I am able to run my own business in my own way entirely. Even better is that Scentsy has already done the hard work for me....creating high quality products with top-notch branding and marketing resources. You can find the reasons I joined on my website listed in my signature.

Each person has their own unique personality, however, and thus experiences and perspectives. So, I thought this could be a place for other Scentsy consultants (or even Scentsy customers) to share their experience. Has Scentsy provided you with a profitable and rewarding experience? What do you most enjoy about running your own business as an Independent Scentsy Consultant?

06-01-2017, 03:50 AM
HI Jamie,

Welcome to the Scentsy sub forum.
Admin of the site may remove your post as you cannot have advertising links in posts this way .

As for can it be a worthwhile business yes absolutely.
I joined Scentsy on launch day in the UK 6 years ago. My husband was able to quit his job last summer and we do Scentsy full time , and travel worldwide sponsoring.

Its not get rich fast, if anyone infers as such they are not the people to be aligning with.
We have built up an international team by being consistent and persistent.
We have people from all walks of life, all with a different 'why ' .

I remember speaking with Orville Thompson our CEO a while ago and his one thing he wanted to stand out was this business offers something for everyone. They just need to figure out what they want , the tools and support is there . It requires self drive above all.

Jamie Hallman
06-01-2017, 11:05 AM
Hey there,

Thanks for the reply! I actually had no idea you could not put direct links in a post. I am obviously brand new to this forum, so simply figured they would not allow it to be posted if an issue. Thanks for the heads up.

I also appreciate your story and definitely agree that this is not a get-rich-quick plan. I do believe it can be profitable with consistency over time, but the key is time, so thanks for making that clear.

06-30-2017, 03:48 PM
Check out the link

Craigslist = Scentsy Bag with Samples

I'd really like to know if this is a good deal.

Jamie Hallman
07-01-2017, 08:23 AM
There was no link posted, so I am not sure exactly what you were looking to purchase, but you must be cautious about things sold online as it is against Scentsy policy for consultants to sell online through Ebay, Craigslist, etc. It is hard to know how long ago those products were originally purchased (for quality purposes) and if they are actually a good deal.

As an Independent Scentsy Consultant, we have access to a lot of samples and marketing supplies through Scentsy at very competitive prices, so I would recommend getting your own Starter Kit through Scentsy (see my website below) and then you can order more items wanted/needed at very reasonable prices as a Consultant. I hope this helps.

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