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View Full Version : Work From Home

08-11-2016, 02:59 AM
What are the challenges you face while working from home?

08-11-2016, 10:28 AM
One word - distractions. It's hard, especially when you have kids and family around, to have peace and solitude. It does affect your productivity.

08-11-2016, 11:29 AM
I'll second that. Distractions can be a challenge. The longer you work from home though, the easier they are to handle I think.

08-11-2016, 05:25 PM
Sometimes groups (skype or kik) of likeminded individuals can help keep the motivation up.

08-11-2016, 11:34 PM
When I tell people I work from home the reaction is almost good. Lucky me, they say, you just need to set your own schedule

It is true, I run my own show, but setting your own schedule requires sturdy self-discipline. The home office is very different from the traditional office, obviously, and with that comes a non-traditional set of work-related problems. Making my own schedule is the only challenge for me.

08-25-2016, 05:53 PM
I have to agree with everyone else distraction. My family tend to think because I work at home I'm available whenever they need me to be, so I've had to put a sign on my door when I don't want them to disturb me. My other issue is I've become a workaholic. Transcription has become more than just my bread and butter. I feel out of sorts if I'm not typing or transcribing something.

08-26-2016, 10:08 AM
Procrastination for me.

It's easy to walk into my office in the morning, look at my desk, and think, "I just don't feel into doing this today."

Most especially when the sun is shining. I'm a big outdoors type person.

10-06-2016, 03:27 AM
i wanted to do this work plzzz gave me details

10-06-2016, 05:23 AM
As a mother of many (there are still 3 of our brood living at home,) I find that there are many distractions I face on a daily basis. I am fortunate enough to have a office that is in a room all its own. This prevents the background distractions, the "oh I have to clean this and that" and other things. The internet and procrastination is another thing but I try to use things like that as a "reward" for getting things done.

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