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08-06-2016, 05:08 PM
Hello! I am newer to the WAHM mom site but joined here a while ago bc I am pg (now 7.5mo) and my hope was to eventually become a WAHM bc I want to to avoid daycare while my lil girl is a young infant. It took us a long time to get pg and required ivf and although it was a bumpy journey we feel so blessed right now. I currently work for a local school system as a school para. Money was not the best but it had decent insurance. I was also lucky to have this summer off as I entered the 3ird tri bc many of our schools are not AC. I did plan on going back to start the school yr and go as long as I can (due 10-6-16) while using this summer to look into WFH options. I am looking into WFH options but....

I got laid off today from my school job. I knew this was a possibility and I am sad but atthe same time I likely would not be ready to use daycare right away so maybe if it HAD to happen this is a good time, though financially it will make things harder. My lay off is effective 8/31 so I will probably have to wait til then to start collecting but I still have 3 more weeks of my summer salary. Knowing this was a possibility, I redid my resume yesterday. I kept it very simple but I put I was seeking a "pt data entry or customer service position". I put PT bc I am honest and in the coming months w a newborn that is all I will likely be able to do.

Does anyone know if it is okay to put that you are seeking a telecommute position, or is that a turn off for employers? I read differing views and I am confused. And should I emphasize PT or not mention that at all? I am def open to full time when my baby is a bit older and I have more experience but for now my availability is PT. And does anyone know of any job sites exclusively for telecommute/WFH jobs? I uploaded my resume to indeed a few months ago and it seems I get 90% NON telecommute offers and very few telecommute ones.

Sorry for the long post but know I appreciate any and all advice. Hope everyone is enjoying the summer.

Kind Wishes,

08-06-2016, 06:14 PM
I replied to your other thread about this: