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View Full Version : TranscribeAnywhere

02-20-2016, 03:00 PM
Hi everyone! I have been practicing transcription (general) and came across this site...TranscribeAnywhere...that has mini course (free) and another course in several "mods" that you can pay for all or "pay as you go"--pay for 2 and if you want more, pay. At least that is the way I am understanding.
My question is has anyone else read this site or used the site?
Right now I am trying to find all the "free practice tapes" I can, so anyone has suggestions would be appreciative.
Have a great weekend!
Thanks in advance;)

02-21-2016, 05:03 PM
You don't need this for general transcription. I can almost guarantee that none of us long time transcriptionists took this course. The only course you should pay money for is something that gives you credibility in the medical field.

If it cost 10% of what it does I might say it could have some value just as a good read with a lot of aspects covered in one place so you can splurge for it, but then I saw the prices and oh boy are they steep.

Between the documentation that any client will send you (including their specific needs), your public education, things you'll figure out on your own and tips you can get here, that course gives you nothing you won't run into with some legwork.

It'd be a better investment to just put that money towards a foot pedal instead, maybe a set of nice closed headphones or even a mechanical keyboard.