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View Full Version : legitimate work at home

01-08-2015, 06:03 PM
I need to know what is a good legitmate company where I can make some extra money. I;m confused about network and affiliate marketing. Maybe this is the wrong forum? I would like to make a few hundred a month and not fees involved.

01-08-2015, 06:38 PM
What are your background and interests? You'll find many things here on the forum that are good income opportunities. You came to the right place. :)

01-18-2015, 04:01 PM
You are indeed in the right place - both me and my sister-in-law found legitimate work at home options here over the last few years. It does take some footwork and research on your part, though. It's true that you should never pay to get a job, but if you are interested in affiliate marketing there are some minimal set-up costs - usually for setting up a website, site host, and domain (which can be done for around $25-45 a month) . It's not a lot of money, and it pays off after you've been working at it for awhile - you need to post related content that's valuable to somebody :-) (even if you're just promoting Amazon products, for example...)

01-18-2015, 09:11 PM
I have done, and still do both affiliate marketing AND network marketing.... here are some pros and cons of both in my opinion.

Affiliate Marketing - can take a LONG time to see any money in your pocket unless you pay for a guide of some sort to help you wade through everything you need to know, like how to set up a wordpress blog, how to write articles, find products to promote etc. You can absolutely do it for free with free tools on the internet, but I never made much money till I paid for some guides. Once you get your brain wrapped around the concept, the sky is the limit on what all you can do with it. There are still some minor fees associated with it usually like hosting fees ( $9.99 a month) and domain ( $12 a year).

Network Marketing - Higher fees involved, as most have a start up cost just like in a normal business ( anywhere from $39 - several hundred) but often you can make that money back in a short time if you are a motivated individual and not afraid to talk to people. :)

Then there is always selling on Ebay ( some people do it for a full time income) or selling on Amazon... both of these have a small learning curve, but there are some very helpful groups on facebook to help you. I personally LOVE selling on Ebay as you can go thrifting ( shopping at thrift stores) and then turn around and sell your finds on Ebay at a nice mark-up for instant cash.

Just all depends on what you like to do! :)

02-09-2015, 11:39 AM
I chose the network marketing route simply because I fell in love with the products. I was looking for ways to rid our home of toxins and chemicals and would be using these amazing products anyway so I decided it was time to start sharing and building a business. Best thing is that I am reducing the toxic load on our family and actually saving money over the chemical cleaners, air fresheners, and personal care products I used to buy. It's a win, win situation all around!!

02-09-2015, 07:25 PM
I need to know what is a good legitmate company where I can make some extra money. I;m confused about network and affiliate marketing. Maybe this is the wrong forum? I would like to make a few hundred a month and not fees involved.

If you're talking about an online job well, there many jobs online most of them are scams, or you'll find something real but won't pay that much.

Online Sam
02-10-2015, 06:11 PM
Well done for taking the first step in looking beyond a 9-5 punch the clock... The opportunities are endless almost in the things you can be doing form home.

EBay - a friend of mine makes a good 500-1k a month searching around in physical thrift shops and other online auction sites to re-sell on ebay. Bit of trial and error there, but buy brand names - and there are other forum threads on WAHM that will lead you in the right direction.

Own sites - this is a real winner too. But more of a long term game. Choose something you enjoy that is also commercially minded.

Good luck. :D

02-11-2015, 07:02 AM
Provide your buyers the chance to win a really amazing product or prize.
The catch is they have to purchase something in order to get their name entered into the contest. The better the prize is the greater your chances are of getting people to enter and therefore making more sales.
Among the main reasons that people run contests on their sites is so that they may build traffic and keep visitors coming back as well as make some fast cash.
Contests are very simple to run, if you know what you're doing.
Contest rules are crucial to any site contest. They need to be clear and very simple to read.
Keep in mind that the prize should be reasonably related to the theme of the contest.
The prizes are the amusing part of the contest, so you need to make them good.
There are a lot of sites over the net that will list your contest free of charge for a link back to their page.
Also, you may promote it via e-mail.

02-12-2015, 08:27 AM
There are many work from home jobs, but the pay is low for the time you spend. If you are a pretty fast an accurate typists, you may want to look at QuickTate. You can find it under Transcription on this forum. At best when you start out you'll probably earn about $3 an hour... as you get faster that will increase (and as long as calls are coming in). QuickTate however is a stickler on privacy so you would have to pay their background check fee, which I think is $15. But there are other companies out there. You need to specify what your skills are as I have tons of links to real work from home jobs.

It is far more profitable, for me, to be an affiliate marketer. However, you can also work a WAHM job keeping pennies coming in until the dollars start rolling in for your marketing efforts.

Affiliate marketing is marketing other people's product for a cut of the sales. Once you master this you can also create your own products (information products are great) and sell those as well.

The correct way to become an affiliate marketer is to decide on a niche based on your passions and knowledge, then build a website around that passion, have traffic come to your website, keep that traffic happy and coming back, and convert that traffic into sales.

Sometimes we do have to invest money to get the results we want. Real work at home jobs don't require fees to work for them, but some do require background checks because you will handle some very private information of their clients.

Lotsa Light and Laughter!

02-24-2015, 11:15 AM
I do marketing, no sales, no inventory, no delivery, startup can start at $29.99.

I'd love to talk to you. PM me and I'll give you some information.

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