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View Full Version : Jewelry Companies

12-13-2014, 04:51 PM
I have been a Lia Sophia customer for years, and have considered the opportunity on and off but it just seemed like the time was never right. Now that they are closing, I am interested to see what other companies are out there. I've been reading the different boards here, as well as the older threads, and trying to browse through catalogs online. I am 7 months pregnant, so for now I would be looking to purchase for holiday gifts, and upcoming birthdays. After the baby is here though I will be a sahm, so the business end also interests me. Would anyone here be willing to tell me about their experience with their company, or any jewelry company you've vbeen with in the past? What inspires you about it, or what would you change? And as far as details, what are the start up costs, quotas to stay active, monthly fees associated with having a website or back office. Thanks so much in advance. I'm looking forward to learning about the different companies!

12-13-2014, 10:07 PM
Hi Samantha, First of all, I'm sorry that LS is closing. Having been a long term customer, I am sure you will miss their line that you enjoyed wearing. However, congrats on becoming a Mom! I loved being a SAHM for many years and I pray that you will too!

I would be happy to share my experience with Trades of Hope. I never dreamed I'd sell jewelry. At one of my recent "parties with a purpose" with a host I've worked with before with previous companies I mentioned that I had never was a big jewelry gal but the Trades of Hope line and the stories of the artisans make me WANT to wear them. She spoke up and said yes! I've never seen her wear more than a pair of stud earrings before! I was wearing earrings, a scarf and a bracelet. She ended up joining my team. :) And I really do love wearing these pieces and getting to share about them when people comment on them. What inspires me, is that this is not just a beautiful line of jewelry and accessories (scarves, journals, home decor). I like that there are "classic" styles and there are more bold styles. There really does seem to be something for everyone to love but it's the mission behind the items that truly inspires me. I have always had a heart for missions and for helping others. I found Trades of Hope when it was still a company listed as provisional with the DSA (they are now a member) and the more I read on their website about how this model was changing lives around the world, I found myself lying awake at night thinking about Trades of Hope and knew I had to be a part of this company/mission. Like one of our artisan groups in Haiti that we have sold their items for is helping women keep their children instead of having to give them up to orphanages (unfortunately all to common in Haiti). The founder of the artisan group started with just 4 women and now employees over 200 women! Sustainable business, important for us here in the US & is so very important for these women too. <3 I love that by being an advocate for these women, sharing their stories, sharing & selling their beautiful work I can make a difference AND provide for my family too.

We have 4 different kits to choose from between our smallest kit at $69 up to our largest at $399. I chose to start with the $99 kit and then have added on to my kit through their Smart Start program and hosting my own parties and using the host benefits. Hosts can also use their free credit earned towards their kits. :) To stay active as a Compassionate Entrepreneur you need to sell $150/year. No renewal fee, just reaching your yearly sales requirement. If you choose to pursue the leadership track and build a team, like me, it's $300/month retail sales to get paid on your downline that month which has been pretty easy for me to attain each month so far. In past companies the beginning of a new year has been dry but I already have two very excited hosts for January. Of course each person can have different results just like with any company but TOH does have a lot of training opportunities and I always try to do my best to support my growing team no matter where they live. The back office is part of being a CE. You receive your first month of your website free, if you choose to continue with your own website it's $8.95/month.

I will be going to the Trades of Hope training retreat next month to see the new catalog & items. They have told us visa(s) have been approved for an artisan(or more!!) to come be a part of our retreat and talk/meet with us! Good luck doing your research into the many wonderful jewelry companies out there to find the perfect fit for you. My Sister has sold Silpada for a few years- which she loves it but isn't for me, no one company is perfect for everyone. If you'd like to hear anything more about Trades of Hope, I'd love to hear from you!
And since you mentioned holiday gifts, our last date to guarantee Christmas delivery is tomorrow Dec. 14th. :)


12-14-2014, 02:43 PM
Congratulations on your impending addition!

Silpada Designs is 17 years old and specializes in handcrafted sterling silver jewelry, priced from $19 and up. They also offer a small artisan crafted line of fashion jewelry made of solid brass. It's beautiful stuff, and everything has a lifetime warranty against defects. Silpada is a fantastic and well run business that is family owned and operated, and very supportive of its reps with the training and support systems they provide.

Most of the other direct sales jewelry companies specialize in fashion (costume) jewelry, which is plated. Silpada is different because most of our jewelry is solid sterling. People aren't just buying a piece to wear for a season, they are buying pieces to wear for life! Even our fashion pieces are solid metals and not plated.

It's $149 for the basic start up kit which includes over $500 of jewelry and enough business supplies for your first three parties. There are no quotas to remain active or keep your downline. Plus, your $149 includes your website, back office, customer emails, and unlimited training.

I would be happy to send you more information if you would like. Good luck in your search!

12-15-2014, 08:27 AM
Thanks for the info, Liz! I actually have a bracelet from Silpada that I had gotten a few years ago. I'm enjoying looking through the catalog on your site!

12-16-2014, 01:30 PM
Oh, glad to hear it! Please let me know if you have questions about anything.

12-18-2014, 08:02 AM
Hi Samantha, first off that is my 7 year old daughter's name :). I am with Paparazzi Accessories and I absolutely love it :). I have been with them for almost 2 years now and it has been amazing. We sell $5 jewelry and hair accessories, the only quota is that you purchase 200 in personal volume in a year, there is no website fee and the kits are pretty reasonable. The cheapest kit is $99, the next one up is $299, and the top one is $499 but you also get a free convention ticket with it to go to our annual consultant convention which is being held in Louisville Kentucky on August 5th, 6th, and 7th of next year :). If you want you can email me anything at [email protected] :).

12-21-2014, 10:10 PM
Hi Samantha,
I was in shock this month as were so many of my customers when lia Sophia announced they were closing! I have been with them for 8 years!

I always try to keep up my knowledge of other companies as I LOVE all jewelry. I decided to go with Lulu Avenue which I had initially not even heard of. They are just 18 months old and have an amazing fashion line, sterling silver line and fine 14K featuring Moissanite. My long time lia customers are really excited for a change. Plus, many ladies who never bought from me are LOVING the silver and fine jewelry section.

I love that they are listening to the leaders that transitioned over to them. They are actually putting together an extra collection of about 50 "lia" inspired pieces that our top leaders will be helping to advise them on. It will come out in March as their Spring line comes out in January.

If you would like to learn more just let me know. Good luck!

01-02-2015, 09:05 AM
Hi Samantha,

My name is Grisel, I have been with Stella & Dot for two years and am lucky and blessed to lead an incredible group of women that all have one common goal, the desire to run a successful business with tremendous flexibility.

With so many jewelry companies closing their doors these days, I would want you to know that we are incredibly stable and NOT GOING ANYWHERE! Stella & Dot is valued at 450 million dollars and growing, we have launched a sister brand and have one other sister brand launching in Mach.

Here is our newest sign up special!! Become a Stylist! Starting today through January 31, enjoy an extra $100 in jewels AND earn a $199 rebate when you sell $1000 in qualifying volume in your first 30 days. That's in ADDITION to your commission and the free jewels you will earn!
An extra $100, $250 in jewels and your money back? This is the best deal S&D has EVER offered.

The only additional cost comes at the 60 day mark should you choose to keep your website, which I highly recommend. There are no other minimums unless you want to grow a team, if you want to earn commissions on those under you you must sell $500 a month.

I am happy to answer any other questions you may have, feel free to PM me.
Most of all, congrats on the bundle of joy and good luck on your search ! Take your time and find the right fit for you :)

01-08-2015, 12:10 PM
Hi Samantha,

There are so many fantastic jewelry companies out there right now, you probably can't go wrong if you choose one that you feel passionate about! For me, I chose my company based on the business opportunity. Of course I love the products (a ton!), but wanted to get involved in something that was truly a "ground floor opportunity." I understand that's not for everyone... some people will only consider an established company, but I like the excitement of a completely new market!

I joined a company called Style Dots, which designs interchangeable jewelry that snaps into place. I like the fact that my customers can save money by purchasing their "base" pieces and then switching out the "dots" to match their outfit, mood, event, or story. We just launched in Fall 2014, and anyone that joins our company before the end of this month, owns the title of "Founding" Boutique Partner. I've always wondered how people were lucky enough to get titles like that, and now I have one...LOL!

Style Dots offers free, no obligation, opportunity webinars each week that answers all the questions that you have and more (full compensation plan, etc.). You will need a referral to register, so if you are interested, please contact me.

Anyway, follow your heart and go with the jewelry and company that really "speaks" to you. Of course I'm happy to share with you about Style Dots, but wish you luck in whatever you choose!


01-09-2015, 10:54 AM
Hi Samantha, first congrats on your new baby! What an exciting time.

I am with South Hill Designs and love it. I chose is because I love that people can customize their jewelry to tell the stories of their lives. I love the innovation of the company, the new things we get all the time (our Reveal conference just happened this week which is our quarterly new product announcement) and the awesome people I get to work with. It's been an amazing journey for me.

We have a brand new kit right now that is on sale for a savings of $100. It has a $900 value and is only $199. That sales goes through February 13. There are other kit options at $199 and $59, however, this one is the best value right now. There are no monthly quotas unless you have a team and then you do have one to be able to collect your commission on your team. Our monthly fee for our website, all back office tools, and the customer newsletter is 411.95.

If you'd like more information, I'd be happy to chat with you sometime.

01-10-2015, 12:23 PM
I am with Paparazzi Accessories. If you are not familiar with it then the first thing you should know is everything is $5! (sales commission is 45%) The idea behind this 3 year old company is to allow all women, regardless of their financial situation, the opportunity to feel good about themselves because we all know how good it feels to put on new jewelry! The founders also realized that we all spend a lot of money on jewelry-often to have that jewelry end up forgot in drawers when we find the next trend or piece we like. With the $5 price point, we no longer have to feel bad buying multiple pieces or spending the money keeping up with the latest trends!

If you are wondering about the quality, Paparazzi is similar in quality to the fashion jewelry you will find at stores like Claire's, Kohls,Target, etc at 3X+ the cost and everything is lead and nickle free.

I will be hitting 2 years with the company in May and my enthusiasm just keeps growing. I know a lot of this has to do with the larger teams I am on and the environment of the people in them. The founders and people at the corporate offices are down to Earth and i love that!

Our starter kits were revamped this past August. You can choose to start for $99, $299, or $499. They each come with business supplies and jewelry to sell. The large kit also includes a free ticket to convention.

Paparazzi operates as a cash and carry business. I find myself very motivated to sell this way. However, we do now have a replicated website customers can buy jewelry from as a supplement to our business. The websites are absolutely free to consultants too!

One thing that it a little different is that we do not carry catalogs. while we do have general spring and fall lines, Paparazzi is constantly releasing new pieces. I know there are some downsides to that but I also find that my customers are always checking back to see what new pieces I have and I can promise new party hosts the ability to see a lot of new pieces at their parties from those they saw at the party/ies they attended.

01-12-2015, 04:51 PM
Thanks so much for the information, everyone! I'm having a blast looking through all the websites! There are so many great companies out there. Once baby is here and we are all settled I will have some decisions to make!

01-14-2015, 03:43 PM
Thanks so much for the information, everyone! I'm having a blast looking through all the websites! There are so many great companies out there. Once baby is here and we are all settled I will have some decisions to make!

Best wishes with the birth of you little one, Samantha.

01-20-2015, 07:28 PM
I came across JBloom Designs and fell for it immediately, but then again I love personalization!

Northern Clover 5105
02-01-2015, 12:13 PM
Hi Samantha, I feel for all the consultants that are in your shoes. Personally I have not much experience in direct selling, I just started in Oct 2014. I came upon Northern Clover by chance, and is a really new jewelry company that just launched officially today. I met the founder of Northern Clover in a dinner and after knowing that she started this company, she showed me her products, I am amazed by the quality and price point of the jewelry. She is a very honest and kind person, and I feel great about jumping into a brand new world of direct selling that I have no clue what it is all about.

The starter kit is only at $49, and the retail is way above $100. The commission is 30% and there is no minimum sales to keep the account active. The group of consultants are really helpful and we share tips and suggestions in our forum. There is no those cut throat things that I have heard from other direct sellers. We are just a group of ladies who want to make some extra and happy with what we do. If you like to consider, let me know. Otherwise, I hope you find a great company as well. Here is my site and email if you like to contact me.

03-21-2015, 02:17 PM
There are many jewelry companies that have been around for awhile but my thing is to try to be at the beginning of the journey instead of the end. It completely depends on your personality and what you're looking for. Stability is important and you don't want a company that isn't going to be there for the long hall. I just experienced that with my previous company Jewel Kade and their buyout from 31 gifts., however that opened me up to a new opportunity that is much more vintage, personalized, and completely new to market!

Happy to tell you more if you're interested. Regardless of what you decide you need to make sure you are passionate, committed, and absolutely in love with what you choose! Happy journey!

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