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View Full Version : Trades of Hope

06-11-2014, 08:19 AM
I'm curious, anyone know what is the highest position in the marketing plan
A consultant has achieved so far. Does anyone know what some of the top consultants
Has achieved in terms of sales etc. looks like this can be a way
To help others but as a business to make money. What do you think of their
Marketing plan and profitability for consultants?

06-11-2014, 07:28 PM
Hi Lani,
I double checked and yes the highest rank achieved so far is Executive Director which has been the highest rank so far. Our comp plan is changing a bit on July 1st which will add one more rank - National Executive Director.

I absolutely believe that we can build a sustainable and profitable business right alongside the artisans we're helping build sustainable businesses! Our comp plan has good payments for our success-lines and we can earn pretty good commissions of our own personal sales too ( from 20% - up to 37% at the top level). I feel that's pretty good to be able to help me support my family while helping make a difference for our artisans around the world at the same time. <3

I often hesitate to get into sales numbers because I don't want it to be seen as an "income claim" but I will answer your specific question. You wanted to know about our top earners. In our back office there is a ticker that shows the current top sellers (updated every 4 hours). This month's top CE for right now is sitting almost right at $2k so far for the month. I know that she consistently works her business. She did a fabulous training for us last week too. :)

I personally think their marketing plan is pretty good. They give us beautiful marketing materials both in print and in high quality images to build our businesses and our sales. They are updating our websites at the end of the month, they are changing to a better newsletter format for us and are always requesting input from their CEs. I have seen requests for more youth jewelry and today for our Wed. sale item they introduced a really cute, hand painted lady bug necklace for our youngest world changers.

Let me know if I forgot to cover something. I'm a little crazy from VBS this week. Getting worn out but it's a good kind of worn out. ;)


06-11-2014, 08:25 PM
Thanks so much for your quick and pretty much thorough
response . For the $2k, is that amount of retail sales
She sold or what she made so far in the month. Thanks.

06-11-2014, 08:26 PM
Ps so for items that are added like the cute ladybug. Do they
Usually have lots and can a consultant order many if she wanted to
For cash and carry. Or is it pretty limited?

06-11-2014, 09:27 PM
It's retail sales on the list. A CEs base 20% is immediately posted to her e-wallet. Bonuses for her personal sales, rank bonuses and her success-line will be posted to her e-wallet at the end of the month when all sales have been finished for the month.

The Wed. sale items are either items we are trying out to add to a future catalog ( to see if the artisan group can handle the order and tells the home office how good of a seller that item would be for the artisans) or it's from an artisan group that just had a small amount that we agreed to purchase and sell for them. So the quantities are limited but that amount varies from Wed. item to Wed. item. And Yes, CEs can buy what they want to, to have stock on hand if they choose to. When an item is out of stock from a Wed. sale it might not be available again and it will be updated as such in our back office. The Wed. sale items are only available for online orders they are not guaranteed for parties. So if someone from a party wants to order a Wed. sale item they just go to the host's unique party store link and place their order that way as the stock is automatically updated through the online store. If we took orders at a party and input them a couple days later the item might not still be available. Does that make sense? So far it's worked easily for my customers. They also really seem to like that their orders ship out without waiting for the party to close. :)

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