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04-09-2014, 10:03 PM
Some Background: I have never been in the business of offering readings for any significant length of time. There were a few times in the past when I offered readings at the urging of friends I've been actively involved in esoteric studies for over 30 years and have always found that I can engage in conversation with a distinctly intuitive perspective quite easily. and recently I stumbled on an opportunity to provide readings through an on line service.

I have been feeling this urge to share and I discovered that the process of intuitively engaging with others was a tremendous way for me to both give and receive all at once. My initial interview readings were incredibly positive, I left them feeling uplifted and empowered. So I was very eager to begin doing this regularly.

Well I started this week. this service offers reading by phone or on line chat. What I discovered is a series of clients who have purchased an extremely limited amount of time and present either a vague very broad category about which they want news from a psychic perspective or extremely specific questions such as "on what date will I get married?" and there is a sense of urgent impatience from the client because of the time limitation. All my ideas of engaging in an conversation that would somehow find a spark for the client and leave them feeling uplifted and empowered seem a bit out of reach after my initial experiences.

I know that when I give a reading there is a definite process and it takes time for that intuitive dialogue to open and blossom into a full experience. I feel a little pressed when I have 10 minutes to 'get to the point' and not feel like I am letting the client down.

I am certain that there are several of you out there seeing this that have experience offering on line psychic readings. Do you have any seasoned advice on providing a quality service in a time limited scenario?

Karen Jo Knowingangel
04-10-2014, 12:00 PM
Hi there :)

What works for me is to be straight up front about what I can do vs. what I can't do (especially if there is a limited amount of time)

For instance--if I get a random "who" will I marry question and the person isn't in any kind of relationship, I'll let them know that my specialty is to connect into another person's energy by name, rather than to provide a name. For me, that's how it works, but it may work differently for another reader.
I can also offer to look at the romance for them over the months ahead to see if there is anything that jumps out (and that's been REALLY helpful) Quite often a block will show up that explains why things are "held up" and I've found that when they can look at that and learn from it--things start to open up again for them. Not all people are open to this, but an awful lot of them are happy to find out what it is that is holding them back so they can work on it.

So, I'll be upfront with that and ask them if there is anyone that they would like me to focus on. But I've found that what I *can* do to help is often very powerful and it still results in a helpful session.

Hope that helps!


04-10-2014, 01:44 PM
I am in the same boat. Working for a busy psychic line where callers want "yes or no" answers and impatiently wanting me to give them their future outlook in less than five minutes. My advice is to give them what they want--in the best way possible--sometimes I draw one card from the deck. Hope this helps!

04-10-2014, 09:39 PM
it's funny that you mention that. I have been drawing a single tarot card to kick start things... it's amazing how many things will stand out from a single card.

There are a few times when the client just closes the chat connection mid sentence before I have had a chance to express a single full thought. This somewhat makes me feel a good deal of chaotic energy. I can see that it is important to remain very grounded when doing this sort of work or it could take a toll.

Karen Jo Knowingangel
04-11-2014, 04:06 AM

Just chiming in on the grounding---also protecting yourself "before going in" clearing any tools or workspace on a regular basis--making sure you detach from each client--all helpful!

Years ago I worked for a service that was super high paced. (tarot texting) (and I loved the sms service work) I pulled single cards and if it was extra busy I would shuffle in advance or have my cards already spread out and run my hand over the spread cards to feel out the card to pull--that worked nicely.
While the pace was hectic, I started to realize that when I closed my eyes, I would clairvoyantly see the answer to the question, or I'd actually see the card I was about to pull. Instead of the short time hampering me, it actually helped to "tune me up" so to say. So, especially if you have been doing readings for a long time, keep your eyes closed when you pull and see what happens. (Especially if you've been doing any other kind of energy work that helps to open you up even more)

Don't let the fast pace scare you-once you get used to it, it's much easier.

04-12-2014, 12:29 PM
DJ716, Karen Jo and everyone else, quite a few times I've given the exact day and restaurant where someone will get their proposal. But that was only because I had a very strong connection to the person I was reading. Some people you connect with very strongly, and with others, the link is weak.

To be under the pressure of 'time,' and going into the future (it can be done) to name a person's future mate is expecting a lot from the reader. Many times, when people who are 'scattered' and expect the moon, the sun and the stars from me, I am very honest, and say, "Spirit doesn't know time I'm not getting name, age or time frame.." Or, I'll explain that they won't be married for another 8 years. It is not the right time, and should they get married just for the sake of being married, I guarantee a divorce within a year.

I am sure you have all experienced a zillion takes on this age old question.

I agree, tuning into a specific person's energy is a lot easier than choosing a mate out of
7 billion of us on this planet.

Best to all.


09-19-2014, 04:33 PM
I haven't been around here for a while, but I know exactly what you are talking about and how you feel, If you are on a site because it's busy and you need the income, sooner or later you will find something that works for you we all do. I've been on several of the "big" sites mentioned on this forum, and I did OK. But for me it wasn't as uch about the money as it was feeling like I was making a difference. It took a while but I finally landed at a site where I feel like I am doing that: Heaven's Angels Readings.

I'm not making much of anything right now, but I am learning, and there is no push for quotas or to rush a reading, and I am even encouraged to teach. It depends on what you are looking for, but if this sounds good to you, and is more important than the income right now - and sometimes as much as you would like it to be, reality says it can't be - check them out. I heard they are looking right now

10-13-2014, 04:08 PM
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