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Karen Jo Knowingangel
04-03-2014, 12:45 PM
Has anyone else ever done a monthly drawing for a free reading? I've just started doing this on my personal website, so far I've opened it up to anyone, tho once things really get rolling, I may make it for those who have had readings with me in the past. Thoughts?

I'm thrilled to have a steady client base of long term regulars, but ideally with all the changes on the big name site where I spend most of my time, it's prudent to be working more on my own site. Would anyone mind sharing tips on what they do that works to help get "seen" out there? Thanks in advance!

04-05-2014, 12:19 PM
20 years ago, a tea cup reader told me I would be on TV. I asked him if he had dropped a tab of acid into his coffee.

Well, 20 years later . . . I've been on TV 7x.

So, never say never when a reader tells you something wild and crazy. It may happen when you least expect it.

You may try having a reading night at your local coffee shop. Or, you may have specials for Mother-Daughter events, 4th of July, etc.

Good luck!

Betsy Balega

Karen Jo Knowingangel
04-07-2014, 07:31 PM
Thanks Betsy,

All ideas are appreciated :)
Mainly I'm looking at things that are internet related--I have access to psychic fairs, parties etc, but I prefer a more intimate setting when I connect in. All that crowd energy is just an overload to me. I've been asked to do radio-but haven't taken the plunge just yet.
I think devoting time to my own website is the smartest way to go long term, but it takes awhile.

I'm also looking at other websites other than Ka*amb* which I have loved being a part of, but there seem to be a lot of changes there--nuff said there... The K**n website I really like, but I don't see much happening chatwise there. Has anyone used ecli*nt? I stumbled on them, but haven't really heard much about them. I want to avoid sites that lock me into an *additional* 25+ hours a week on top of what I'm already doing, unless I can log in simultaneously.

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