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01-26-2014, 05:04 PM
Hello... I have a long story, but won't go into a lot of it here. My son is almost 13 and is a pretty mixed up kid. God's blessed me with a lot of troubling information about my boy... I say blessed, because I would rather know and help him, than have him keep secrets from us, and struggle through adolescents. I feel like the Lord is telling me it's time to bring him back home, along with my soon to be middle school aged daughter. I never wanted to send my children to public school in the first place, but homeschooling is a huge commitment and especially difficult when you have a special needs child.

We homeschooled for a couple of years when they were much younger, but stopped after our son was diagnosed with asperger's syndrome. It was just too much for me. The tantrums and intensity that came with each lesson were taking to big a toll on us as a family. And yet, nearly 6 years later, I feel like it's time to try again.

Our children have become incredibly disrespectful and neither one of them seem happy at school. My son struggles, my daughter excels and is in the gifted program. Both my kids have IEP's.

When we had them at home... w first used Our Father's World (kindergarten and 1st grade) and ended with a virtual K12 academy. I liked certain things about both. I loved that K12 was essentially free (just $100 enrollment fee) and that the lessons were planned out for us. It was a better fit for us at the time, given organization wasn't my strong suite.

Ideally I'd like to go the route of a virtual academy through a public school system and supplement with Biblical teaching, but want to hear from those of you in the Christian community who are or have homeschooled and learn what your experiences have been.

Money will be a huge issue. I will have to rearrange my work schedule and since I work for the district, essentially this means finding a different kind of job. I'm also in school. Just started a 4 year journey through part-time evening and weekends towards a nursing degree. I figure we can study together. It will be rough, but I know the Lord will be there through it all.

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