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01-11-2014, 10:29 AM
I have used Watkins for many years...okay a lot of years. Looking to add a bit more income. Is selling only online worth doing?

Can anyone tell me how much you make on average from only online sales on any given month?

Don't want to put in the effort if its not going to really be a good enough return for me.

By the way I am well versed in SEO and know how to market online. Not a newbie when it comes to the web and computers.

01-12-2014, 08:10 AM
Welcome to the Watkins folder! The WWW is so very grand and folks can find just about anything they are looking for. As with any company, product, and services, you will get out of it what you put into it. Many have made a substantial income by promoting just online. It just comes down to creating and promoting a clickable site.

Watkins has a very low start up cost with their all around money back satisfaction. And, if anything else, the personal discount is well worth it. Watkins does not enforce mins nor quotas, so you can build as you choose and at your own pace. I have been with Watkins for 10 years now and have enjoyed every aspect of it!

Good luck and do not hesitate to ask other questions. Feel free too PM me if you would like or just post here on the thread.

Keep us posted!

01-15-2014, 06:54 AM
Just to add to Bianca's information - you can only promote/market online. Sales should go through the JRWatkins.com website.

If you want more information, you can contact the JR Watkins customer service line 1-800-243-9423, and tell them you are interested in becoming a consultant but have questions regarding marketing/selling online.

03-25-2014, 02:40 PM
Is there a monthly fee for reps, or does the start-up fee cover your membership for a full year? (I've performed a few online searches for the answer to this, and couldn't find it - perhaps because there are no monthly fees?)
I guess my real question is: Is there any required fee, monthly or otherwise, other than the start-up fee? Is the initial fee a yearly fee?

Also, if you start out with just the basic start-up cost, can you upgrade, say, two weeks, six months, etc., down the road if you want to?

03-26-2014, 06:02 AM
For JR Watkins, the annual membership fee is the only required fee, for starting it is $39.95. This gives you the basic membership with the 25% discount on product purchases.

No minimum monthly purchase requirements. The annual membership renewal fee is approx $30 or so (can't remember exactly, my annual renewal is coming up :) ) It is a basic renewal to receive the 25% discount and remain an active consultant.

There are 2 product discount packages available to new consultants for the first 90 days. After 90 days the new consultant discount packages are no longer available to purchase. There is one discount product package called the Watkinize Your Home package, that is available to all consultants regardless of when you joined, and can purchased multiple times.

03-26-2014, 06:23 AM
During this month / March, you will also receive a special bonus for signing up with the basic membership. Watkins will send you a $15 gift certificate you can apply to your next order of products! :)

03-26-2014, 02:49 PM
suse, thank you for your response; I appreciate the info. I'm still looking into this one, and I think it might be something I will try doing in the near future.

bianca5454, that's good to know about the $15 gift certificate. I don't think I'll be able to sign up in the next month or so, but it's nice to know that Watkins offers perks like that now and then. The 25% discount is great.

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