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View Full Version : Question About Personal Website.

11-19-2013, 10:22 AM
I know I could ask the team at Scentsy about this but I know you ladies have a lot of experience and would probably answer a lot quicker.

I know we cannot have any outbound links from our personal site unless it is to our personal Scentsy Sales Store or Scentsy Official Site.

I made a few Youtube videos and embedded them in my blog posts, they have an outbound link in them back to Youtube, is this ok?

I do not have links on my site to my social media channels that I use to promote Scentsy, can we have those on our site even though they are outbound links, I have seen many other Scentsy sites that have these, they all say connect with us on and list all there social media channels.

Thanks so much for any help on this.

11-19-2013, 10:40 AM
Actually you may be better off contacting Scentsy directly as they're the ones who will approve it. As you mentioned you are seeing some sites who do have certain elements and others that do not - and just because they're on someone's site doesn't necessarily mean it's within compliance. To avoid wasting time adding and needing to delete during the approval process, I'd contact them directly ahead of time on what you want to do. That way you'll get the most accurate information and will expedite the approval process.

11-19-2013, 12:16 PM
Thanks I am emailing them now, I want to stay in compliance.

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