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09-26-2013, 10:24 AM
KISS (Keep it Super Simple)
This is a great method that I have been following for years. It was sent to me on my team training site.

Keep It Super Simple! 6 Steps To Success
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1. Contact: Make a list of names. Who do you know? Your family, co-workers, friends. Call them and say, I've started a new business venture and would love your help in getting the word out about it. Do you have 20 minutes?

2. Smell & Sell: Let them smell and you will sell! Do you realize that most candles are made from paraffin wax and all that black soot they produce could be harmful to your health and the environment? Our candles are all natural and burn clean to the bottom of the jar and has the most amazing aromas! Here smell this.

3. Light: Have them light a MiaBella and smell the fragrant aroma and notice how it burns so clean.

4. Watch: Mia Bella Business presentation. Do not talk. Let the presentations do the work. Demonstrate how easy it is.

5. Enroll: Sign them up. Say, We have a very low start up fee..! You can start your business for as low as $49.95 and this will allow you to try the products out so you can see how amazing they are and how easy these candles are to share with others. Its a simple no brainer with candles. Not much explaining. We call it a smell & sell business. Every month you will receive products you can sell to put immediate cash in your pocket, use yourself or give as gifts. Then order all you want at wholesale and sell retail for 100% profits! We offer free training.

6. Attend: Schedule the next event: one-on-one coaching with your sponsor or upline, home meeting, party, open house, live webinar, Super Saturday, regional, or convention. Stay plugged in.

Duplicate the Mia Bella K.I.S.S system with all your new distributors and teach them to do the same with all of their distributors, stay in recruiting and retailing mode long enough for your business to continue to grow and provide a residual asset that will continue to come in even when you are not working.

Teach Your Team To Fish & Feed Them For A Lifetime!

09-26-2013, 12:01 PM
Our products are so absolutely AMAZING once someone tries them, they are HOOKED! None of that black soot on the jars.. Love it! True, strong smelling, long lasting scents. My home always smells so amazing. Love talking about our products with others :)

Great post!